Mar 16, 2021

case if severe sweating on palms and soles

Kundanam Rudrama:
Good evening Vaidyas, help me to treat a Male patient aged 34 yrs complaints of severe sweating of both palms and soles continuously irrespective of time and work. Patient is suffering since childhood. No HTN and No Diabetes. No family history. Kindly suggest me treatment. Thank you Vaidyas.

Dr ND Raju:
Try ayurveda anxiolitics.
Datura compounds local application.
Pranayama and yoga.

Kashaiah Vasam:
Usheerasava and  Vit B

Sangeeta Sharma:
Dhaniya seeds 10 gms soaked in water overnight and drink in the morning..empty stomach..

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
How many days to feel the difference madam?

Sangeeta Sharma:
Sir told by some elderly female in the family..has to see the result..

Kundanam Rudrama:
Sir, by LFT  what can we understand and why LFT should be taken in this particular case.  What is the relationship between sweating and LFT? Please enlighten me sir.

Chanakadhya churna application very effective...

Chandanadhi oil+jasmine oil application before application of powder

About internal medication...

Check thyroid and LFT..

Best medication in my clinical practice..

Amalaki+yastimadhu+usheera along with guda with cold water..

Chandrakalaras also very effective..

Manoo Chitra:
Can give amla chooran with jaggery or honey  mrng nt after food  add 10 to 12 drops of Jasmine oil or rose  water to bathing water  daily

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
need to differentiate between pitta prakruthi, medo dushti and pittaja vyadhi 
LFT - defective pitta vikruthi - long lasting 
Lipid profile defective - medo dushti medo doshahara 
both are normal - prakruthi - only matainnece with jasamine oil vacha -udvartana etc.

Sangeeta Sharma:
Male pt of 39 yrs age..had past history of chewing gutkha since 25 yrs. Now he wants to quit the habit. Started tapering the quantity..but the withdrawal symptoms are troubling him. 
Heaviness in the head, giddiness, there are erosions in the mouth mucosal lining.crave for gutkha..he says if he gets rid of these , he can quit ..
Loss of sleep and constipation are major symptoms too.
Kindly help me treating this case.

Dr.Rakesh Kumar Singhal:
Start matra basti with murchhit til tel 20 ml after food.

Loss of sleep and constipation all are vat symptom.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
For De-addiction of tobacco, drinks etc not for ganja charas heroine 
easiest is Astanga lavana of madathyaya chikitsa from astanga hrudaya 
I have prepared and used with good result.
In mangalore Jains use it as de-addiction medicine extensively. it has become tool of de-addiction center in mangalore.


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