Feb 16, 2021

A case of several autoimmune diseases treated successfully with ayurvedic treatment

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
three reports of same person with gap of one week.
Supposed to be auto-immune disorder but CRP reduced from 96 to 28 in one week

our medicine proper prepared and administered properly work

Sir..Good morning... treatment???

Another doubt...How to approach the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis??

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
first for 6 months usual frozen shoulder therapy. Then tested for CRP, ASLO, RA factor. sent to specialist for opinion. they advised tests and first test was auto-immune. After that by their advise patient got terrified and came back.
looking at CRP started rasayana therapy with  panchagavya after one week saw auto-immune essay. By that time patient was feeing better and CRP reduced . So patient is continuing treatment   
treatment - panchagavya gritha prepared from Indian bread cows and shodhana churna of charaka /sushruta/vagbhata with rasa manikya

Principle - earlier I had a patient with CRP and I discussed with another patient who was a bio-chemist.
He said it is a protein defect. Protein synthesis needs proper liver function. So checked LFt and found defects. gave pandu-kamala chikitsa and it cured . Here also same defective protein synthesis - so treated with pandu-kamala chikitsa.
i.e. panchagavya gritaha - rasayana vidhi . reasult better feeling by one week and pain reduction and asymptomatic patient in 49 days. now on shamana dose and reduction of pathya is going on which will take 8 months to create sarva rasabhaysa

Manoo Chitra:
How to reduce serum creatinine levels faster can anyone suggest me d good and better medicine in our system

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
Dashamoola punarnava odana or ganji

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
ankylosing spondylitis?? 
lakshana - In more advanced cases this inflammation can lead to ankylosis — new bone formation in the spine — causing sections of the spine to fuse in a fixed, immobile position. —- From net
principle  is अध्यस्थिदन्तौ दन्तास्थिभेदशूलं 
रुक् पर्वणां भ्रमो मूर्च्छा दर्शनं तमसस्तथा| अरुषां स्थूलमूलानां [२७] पर्वजानां च दर्शनम् |
either it is asthi dusti or majja dushti 
if possible nidana parivarjana 
treatment by kasthowshadha is अस्थ्याश्रयाणां व्याधीनां पञ्चकर्माणि भेषजम् | बस्त्यः क्षीरसर्पींषि तिक्तकोपहितानि च 
in rasowshadha 
cheapest rasamanikya / sameera pannaga 
then vata chintamani / yogendra / swarna malini vasantha / 
pottali kalpana / siddamakara dwaja

This is a gross approach 
else need to do dasha vidha pareeksha and decide nidana and treatment.
But dhatu involved will not change. need to decide poorva and uttara dhatu involvement

single drug -anybody interested in brungaraja?

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
using in 


hair care



Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
How do you use in leucoderma as a single drug?

Swati Totla:
Amlapitta also with haritaki

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
markava rasyana 

even though it is a formulation

bhringaraja plant has to be fried in an iron pan using sesame oil and then it is used for consumption

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
markava is used as chutni along with food after frying slightly in tamlinadu

Kashaiah Vasam:
Amlapittha , Netraroga, and Rasayana

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Rasayan karma ,Kesya  #Bringaraj +Amala+Kala til .
Pandu   #Bringaraj with Punarnava. 

Amlapith #Bringaraj +Haritaki ch(Chakradatt ).

Angimandya,Kasa, # Bringaraj +Marich.

Charma roga# Bringaraj +Gandhak .

Dourbalya # Bringaraj + Ghee

Sangeeta Sharma:
This is kesharanjini


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