Aug 28, 2020

Charaka jayanti 29th August

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
🙏🏻Today is Acharya Charaka Jayanthi.
 Acharya Charaka is as known to all is
thePrati-samskarta of the Charaka Samhita.
  Today, Sravan Shukla Chavithi or Nagula Chaviti/panchami is Jayanthi of Acharya of Patanjali who is the Adi Guru of Yog Vidya.
 पातंजल महभाश्यचरक प्रतिसम्स्कृतै:!
मनोवाक्काय्दोशनं हर्त्रे अहिपतये नम:!!ie..
 Patanjali,Panini,and Charaka are one and the same who prescribed Yog,Grammar,and Ayurved for Treatment of Manas,Bhasha and Dosha..
    Charaka means Wanderer.Charaka Samhita is not only a source of Ayurved but also is a source of Ecological,
Social,and Economic conditions prevelant in ancient times.;Physical geography like description of Jaangala,Aanupa and Sadharana Desha;theTrees,
vegetables,Animals,Birds,Rivers etc of that Desha are described in detail.
Herbs are named based on Desha like Maagadhi from Magadha,Kaashmarya from Kashmir etc.
Various food habits like use of different kinds of Mamsa in Bahlika &Cheena Desha;,Fish in Prachya Desha;,Milk in Sindhu Desha,Oily food in Avantika Desha;Madhya desha preferred Barley ,Wheat etcare described.
    It is also said that Nagarawasa or City dwelling is the main cause of Spread of Diseases as we are now seeing in the spread of Covid 19. 
     Acharya Charaka has explained in detail Many diseases and their treatments in Nidana and Chikitsa Sthana of the text Charaka Samhita.
  He also states Pragyaparadha or doing the prohibited   knowingly is the main cause of disease which we are now seeing in case of Covid 19.
   He also states that thousands of medicines are explained and so are the disease but in future many diseases may form for which with our Yukti or Buddi we must choose Medicines depending on Dosha and Dushya and treat the disease thus helping the Mankind
   Our Rishis had such Dooradrushti for which we must be ever Greatful and also proud of the Knowledge our Gurus have given Us.
 Salutations to Our Ancient Wisdom and Shastras🙏🏻
Proud to be a part of Ayurveda Charaka School🙏🏻

Charak Jyanti is being celebrated on 25Th July all over India. Tune to Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad page for something new about Acharya Charaka.
Our esteemed speakers will share their views on Charak Samhita while new facts about the importance and relevance of a small village- Charak Danda in Himalya will be shared by the Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad activist and a researcher who rediscover this place.
Be there and watch this unique program on 25th July 11 AM onwards.


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