Mar 12, 2020

golden rules of healthy living.

20 golden rules of healthy living.

Now-a-days living lifestyle is the root cause of many diseases, if a slight change is made, freedom from many diseases can be found without medicine. Let us know these golden rules.

1. Milk tea and salty taken with it are the biggest cause of skin diseases and stomach diseases growing nowadays.

2. Tying a tight tie has a negative effect on eyesight.

3. Reading more bends has a bad effect on the lungs, spine, and light of the eye.

4. Large intestine shrinks due to the consumption of excessively cold frozen foods.

5. Digestive power is slowed by taking a bath after a meal. Similarly, intercourse immediately after a meal, toiling and sleeping too much destroys digestive power.

6. The biggest reason for getting out of the stomach is to eat by standing or sitting on a chair table and drinking water immediately after. Always have food sitting on the ground. By doing this, you will not be able to eat more than necessary. Drinking water after meals is an invitation to many serious diseases.

7. In the beginning of the meal, one should consume sweet-juice (sweet), acid in the middle, salt juice (sour, salty) and finally, bitter, tikt, kashay (tart, peppery, kasela) juice.

8. Wash hands after meals and apply wet hands on eyes. This will protect the eyes from heat.

9. Drink a glass of plain water before taking a bath. This will keep away from the problem of high blood pressure to a great extent.

10. Start the bath with your head. If you do not wash hair, then wash it first. By pouring water on the feet first, the flow of heat is upwards and damage to sensory organs like eye, brain etc.

11. Before going to sleep, after bathing and after having eaten food, do urination. It can prevent unnecessary heat, constipation and stones.

12. Never give up completely in one go, instead of stopping. This rule is for both men and women. By doing this, procrastination related to reproductive organs can be easily avoided.

13. Standing and urinating gives the possibility of spinal diseases. Similarly, standing water and drinking water causes joint diseases like arthritis.

14. Water should not be drunk immediately after eating fruits, sweets made from milk, oily food. Never cold water at all.

15. Waking up in the night more often leads to lower immunity.

16. Whenever rinse, do wash the eyes. Otherwise, the heat coming out of the mouth when it gets filled will harm the eyes.

17. Every time thousands of brain cells are destroyed by consuming drugs like cigarette tobacco etc. they are never rebuilt.

18. Stool urine, Venus cough, sneezing, apnea, yawning, vomiting, apps, tears, tears etc. A total of 13 stagnant velocities have been reported, never stop them. Stopping them can lead to serious diseases. Many diseases are not allowed every day and a lot of money is given to the doctor. Make it an integral part of the treatment routine.

20. Please give thanks to God before sleeping. No matter how your day was Reviewing the work done throughout the day, make an action plan for the next day and now try to relax the body and mind by taking deep and long breath. Surrender all your stress, worries, thoughts etc. to the Supreme Father, God and go to sleep in a relaxed manner.


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