Feb 7, 2020

case discussions

Good Afternoon gurus...

Yesterday evening...7 years child came to my opd...

Already diagnosed case...B Cell lymphoblastic leukemia ...

Already chemo done..

Now patient condition is very good
All reports are normal 

But that parents came for improve immunity and stop reoccurrence...

Kindly share ur opinion....

Dr S Mahesh Kumar:
Snehapanam with Maha tiktaka ghritam

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
A  male pt age 47 is having high diastolic pressure from 3-4 months,120-130/100 or sometimes more ,but yesterday it was 100and on Homeo medicines... Wanted ayurveda rx... Is it a good idea to continue with rx or to start allopathy medication ( by referring to allopath) 
He is having headache early morning& evening..otherwise healthy..no complaints related kidneys or etc...

Dr.pradp Noori:
What is the diffrence between 
Arogyavardhini soothasakharras ras and Kamadhoodha ras ?

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Avv is tridosha balancing 
Remaining   act in pitta
Ingredients too are different..

And AVV is aamapachan too

Veeratarvaadi gave good results in kidney stones.. Along with regular rx..  A patient from canada in the trip for 2 months ..got corrected with pathyapathya& medicines worked well..now in 3wks itself ..no complaints...


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