Nov 9, 2019

Case discussion in November

TryPayal K:
Any good meds for immediate relief from chronic cough in 53 yr old ..kapha vataj kasa

Dasamoolakadutrayam kashayam
Yastimadhu Ghana vati
Seethophaladhi churna

geetha madhuri:
A 40 year old male patient with  heamaturia , lower abdomen pain, pedal edema.. Blood reports serum creatinine 2.5 and scan reports polycystic kidney disease and autosomal recessive pkd which is genetic

Immediately start ..
Neeri kft syrup
Chandraprabha vati
Brihatyadhi kashayam
Pushyanuga churnam

After 15 days again u check

Dr. Srinath:
Female patient
Age - 7 years

Let me know your opinion on this case and treatment aspects

This is TSH👆 report
Treated with Ayurveda medicine. Marked difference noticed clinically. After using medicines patient is very active ,

Decrease in puffiness of face, she is able to tolerate cold temperature,  bowels are normal

But no significant improvement in TSH
So i suggested to get scan

Dr.pradp Noori:
Ajmodadichoorma will be best with loknadharas and varunadikasayam and kalasakadi kashayam

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
bilwa taila karnapoorana, maharasnadi kashayam internal

avoid vata vardhaka ahara vihara

Ok sir sorry for the inconvenience
A female child of 9yrs age kaphapradhana vatanubandha prakruthi
Mrudu kosta
Nirama jihva
Atipravritthi of mutra even during day time and 5 to 6 episodes during night time
Agni is normal
Mala is normal
Slightly disturbed sleep due to shayyamutra
Very active in school
Has family history of shayyamutra from father
No other anubandha lakshanas
But she is bit nervous due her mother scolding on this issue

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
ksheerabala 101 cap 2 cap twice a day bfr food alongwith manasamitram 1 tab at bedtime

For bahumutrta taleshwer Ras is very good .
Or chandrprabha vati and shilajeet rasayan

Vd. Uday Patil:
In such a small age of patients we can rely on present history & without history samprapti could not be understood. So better take her mother's history (mainly menstrual / obstetric) to settle samprapti and then u can treat it accordingly. 🙏

Also have u done investigations for DM ?

geetha madhuri:
Acharyas what could be this medicine

Kashaiah Vasam:
Tarakeshwar ras
are helping

Dr.pradp Noori:
Saraswat arista as Anupana
Neo 2 tab per day
Agnitundi vati 125 mg per day

geetha madhuri:
🙏 gurus.. Which vrikka roga can be described as polycystic kidney disease.. Please guide

Dr.pradp Noori:
Antarvidhradi in apana sthana  may be .may be gurus should correct


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