Nov 17, 2019

A Case of 5yrs old kid with seizures

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Respected vaidyas! This is a case of 5yrs old kid with seizures. Initially got when at 8months.. Now in a day two times. And was admitted in hospital..
The parents wants to take ayurveda Rx along with there allopathic& stop alloparhy Rx once kid starts to respond.
Please guide me to help this child.

Kashaiah Vasam:
Actually upto  5years of all childrens seizures with high grade fever only.
Seizures Without fevere need to do  CT  scan brain . For diagnostic purpose
There is any tumours/ blood clots/necrosis/ NCC(Neurocystosarcosis)
Then start the medication

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
After that only i want to think of starting Rx...but i never took such small baby,is it a good idea to go with ! I want to know

Kashaiah Vasam:
Upto 5years ct brain normaal
Febrile seizures no need to medication

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
No fever

No need of medication... continue allopathic medication for parents satisfaction...

But start high protein food...
Egg milk badam soya etc...

Gufic onergy malt with milk...

Approx 5 cases I treated with protein diet ..but 2yrs 3yrs children cases... 

geetha madhuri:
Respected gurus🙏 here is a case of 32 yr old female .. 9yrs marital life complains  one year amennorhea.. TSH. 4.57, with normal pelvic and abd scan.. Normal tsh.. Not menstruating even with 10 mg progesterone bd for 10days.. She is nulliparous anxious to conceive

Dasamoolaristam and kumaryasavam mix
M2 tone
Rajahpravarthini vati for 15 days...

geetha madhuri:
But sir she started using eltroxin 12.5mg fir tsh level 4.5.. He have lost her weight, hair loss and cold intolerance is there too.. May I ask her to start varunadi kashayam and kanchanara guggulu  to correct thyroid imbalance

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Balasuryodaya ras with patrangasava before dinner.
Uttaravasti with phala ghritha. If uttaravasti not possible at least advice  yonipichu with phalaghritha.
Check for previous  h/o D&,C.
Advice endometrial biopsy.

Ahara- masha, tila+guda, dadhiguda rasayana.
Vihara- situps

.s.s Sir:
Ark pushpadi Yog
Twice daily.
Soubhagyadi vati
2-2 bid
Utterbasti with Pancha valcal kashaya
Yoni pichu with Phala ghritam


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