Oct 14, 2019


Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Happy morning!
A pt age 38/ male/ had sinus surgery..now having the problem of frequent nasal allergies& loss of smell.. Please advise how well i can help regain the sense of smell!!


Yastimadhu + Triphala + khadira churna+ haridrakhanda(1:1:1/2:1) mix with honey daily bid
Sadbindhu tail nasya..once/day
Sinarid( amrutha drugs) 1-0-1

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
The the pt was using list if medicines..like...
1. Agastya haritaki
2. Haridra khanda
3. Kanakasav
4. Pushkarasav
5. Septilin
6. Trikatu
7. Somalata
8. Nebulizer..

So he is fed up with list of medicines

Madam use above medication for 15days...he will get good result in allergy congestion and smell sensation..

Here mainly kapha and vata plays major role..vitiated kapha accumulation and vata obstruction... second reason mamsa vridhhi...

Mostly dis type of cases...steam also very helpful...steam with haridra and inhalade drops or Vicks vaporub or zandu balm.. daily before going to bed

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
I feel vata aggravating food habits too to be considered...
As well as nasya in the list was not there,when he mentioned.

And one rasa preparation like 1.kaphaketu rasa&
2.maha sudarshana Ghana will help
Along with 3.agastya rasayanam
4. Shadbindu,any taila& vyagri tails alternative ly.

Please protect me

Please guide.

In sinusitis cervical spondylitis migraine bulky uterus osteo arthritis piles ... reoccurrence is more..so patience is more important to patient in above cases...

Nasya and steam very helpful in sinusitis case alond with yastimadhu preparation..I got good results in sinusitis cases..but reoccurrence is more..but I advised to patient to use medicine maximum 6to8 months..

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
As he does neti regularly daily 2-3 times

Yes... actually no need of surgery in sinusitis cases...they are not having appropriate medicine to treat sinusitis..that's why they will do that..no use of surgery in sinusitis..it will reoccour compulsory

Stop neti immediately..start nasya and steam

.s.s Sir:
Mrigank Ras + 64praher pippali with Adrak swaras in morning.
Yesti Madhu kashaya twice daily along with Shringarabhra Ras 2-2 tablets.
Nasya with Tankan & water.

Oct 11, 2019

Vericose veins

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Gurujan& friends.... Please explain if possible& guide for better management of varicose veins,after some point patient is not getting relief further!
What is your practical approach& experience? Please guide me..
Any advice regarding is useful...🙏

gopi krishna:
Tamragarbha pottali 6gm per month with dashamoola kwatha anupanam.
Kaishora guggulu
Punarnavadi mandoora 1tds

Stalkings /vestana is compulsory .( i use eranda patra and crystals of blood stone ( raktakha mani ) for vestana )

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Sir recent one pt....was saying one sr.ayurveda vaidya told not to use vestana at all....veins can rupture!!!!!??? Till what stage is OK sir...

And how often to use vestana and duration

gopi krishna:
I advice vestana for 4 to 6 hrs per day especially in active period of the day

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Thank u sir...
Stockings? From store can aggravate!?

gopi krishna:
1st and 2nd grade i advice stockings ,in 3rd grade and 4th i advice vestana , usually

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Tamgarbha pottali...availability?
If not in doothpapeswar...will guide to you sir for purchase.🙏

So in 3&4 stages u do advise raktamokshana too?

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