Jul 1, 2019

Parpati pottali kupipakwarasayana

why action is different  between swarna sindoora and hemagarbha without tamra.
i.e. combination is same action is different. parada, gandhaka swarna in both

gopi krishna:
Samskaram gunantaraadaanam , the very processing of both preparation is entirely different , even the ingredients are same .
In kupi pakwa preparation, because of high temperature given is high and in most preparations the medicine is attained at kantastha .... ie., prayah laghu guna is attributed in this type of phramaceutical processing - so used in Clinical conditions where you have cases presenting with jadatha and anga gouravata ( primely kapha vriddhi and vata kshaya conditions).
In pottali because of added gandhaka jarana and pharmaceutical processing of boiling the drug in anaerobic condition in a sulphur bath , there is a introduction of guru guna and more of rasayana property introduced , so,  adviced clinically where in chala guna observed ( vata vridhi , kaphaja and pittaja vyadhies) where we expect to introduce sthirata in pt .
And most are rasayana by its very guna and processing.

So even though drugs are same , because of varied pharmaceutical processing the action are different in both yogas )

Even as per chemistry, its lattice bonding in kupipakwa preparation and ionic bonding.

But in pottali kalpas , its amorphous bonding and covalent bonding between 2or more elements , so the chemistry on grounds of clinical action varied.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Bit of background
I came to know about pottali from my grandfather, when I was in PUC.
He was a visha, visarpa, and infertility specialist with 18 yrs of gurukula education and family background.
Whatever he said was always truth, no hype. Till DPL started production I could not get pottali so did not use it.
Now we have used it with results. But understanding results is difficult.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Sir namaste and thank you .can you elobarate the bonding in genral rasa aushadi's /kupipakwa rasayanas/ pottali.
Bhavana jarana mardana moorchana-utthapana aspects

gopi krishna:
Sir,  its a big explanation , difficult to discuss by typing .

As a gist to say
Kharaliya rasayana are covalent and mettalic bonding in nature.

Parpati kalpas _ covalent and ionic bonding

Kupipakwa rasayana _ lattice and covalent bonding.

Pottali kalpas _ amorphous bonding

So,  the clinical action varied in kajjali , rasaparpati ,rasasindoor and Rasagarbha pottali even though all are similiar ingredients. Therapeutically active in various forms


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