Jul 23, 2019

Burns treatment

A case of Burns Ayurvedic management

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Female aged around 60 suffered severe burns and has been taking modern medicine treatment but still lots left to heal

Visited yesterday and saw the patient

She is also diabetic

Thinking of treating internally with Vasant kusumakara,Triphala guggulu and madhusnuhithikthakam kashayam

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Sir prefer to add kaishore guggulu and Mahatiktaka ghritham

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
Though they spent 15 lakhs...
What they get in return....

Relatives came to you in search of alternative to improve the health of the patient ..but
relatives don't have faith....

So let the allopathy doctor continue his protocol...I think ...

Actually...यष्टीमधू घृत +जीवनिय घृत
Local application is the best treatment  but they are following allopathy doctors advice.....

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Immediately  after  seeing the photo I thought yasthinadhu/ Jeevantyadi ghritha as Drug of choice. But patient is Diabetic. External it's okay. Internal???
Pt refused external application.

MT ghritha main ingredient  is  Amalaki. So it's good for Madhumehi.
Indicated in daha,  vispota, dushta vrana, kruccha pittahara.

Kaishore guggulu has very effective action on skin.


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