Jul 23, 2019

Burns treatment

A case of Burns Ayurvedic management

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Female aged around 60 suffered severe burns and has been taking modern medicine treatment but still lots left to heal

Visited yesterday and saw the patient

She is also diabetic

Thinking of treating internally with Vasant kusumakara,Triphala guggulu and madhusnuhithikthakam kashayam

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Sir prefer to add kaishore guggulu and Mahatiktaka ghritham

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
Though they spent 15 lakhs...
What they get in return....

Relatives came to you in search of alternative to improve the health of the patient ..but
relatives don't have faith....

So let the allopathy doctor continue his protocol...I think ...

Actually...यष्टीमधू घृत +जीवनिय घृत
Local application is the best treatment  but they are following allopathy doctors advice.....

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Immediately  after  seeing the photo I thought yasthinadhu/ Jeevantyadi ghritha as Drug of choice. But patient is Diabetic. External it's okay. Internal???
Pt refused external application.

MT ghritha main ingredient  is  Amalaki. So it's good for Madhumehi.
Indicated in daha,  vispota, dushta vrana, kruccha pittahara.

Kaishore guggulu has very effective action on skin.

Jul 11, 2019

Discussion on akshi tarpanam

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Good morning vaidya gurus yesterday a female patient age 24 yrs came with complaint of imbalance while walking , sitting sleeping postures...in all postures. In a day it occurs any time and many times. Not fixed time not fixed postures also...so pls help me to treat the condition.
MRI is normal
ENT also normal

Dr.pradp Noori:
Pitta vata

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Sir further guidance for chikitsa. please

Dr.pradp Noori:
I start with soothasakharras 500mg after food threetimes wit Aswagandharista 15 ml

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Usually Ghritamanda is used for Tarpana or Mahatriphaladya ghrita, patoladi ghrita.  "Tailam ... Achakshushyam"". Find details in A.H.S.24

ACC. To Sushruta maximum 5 days. Duration depends on involved dosha and patala. 100 matrakala is approximately 32secs. Practically considering 5mins

Jul 1, 2019

Parpati pottali kupipakwarasayana

why action is different  between swarna sindoora and hemagarbha without tamra.
i.e. combination is same action is different. parada, gandhaka swarna in both

gopi krishna:
Samskaram gunantaraadaanam , the very processing of both preparation is entirely different , even the ingredients are same .
In kupi pakwa preparation, because of high temperature given is high and in most preparations the medicine is attained at kantastha .... ie., prayah laghu guna is attributed in this type of phramaceutical processing - so used in Clinical conditions where you have cases presenting with jadatha and anga gouravata ( primely kapha vriddhi and vata kshaya conditions).
In pottali because of added gandhaka jarana and pharmaceutical processing of boiling the drug in anaerobic condition in a sulphur bath , there is a introduction of guru guna and more of rasayana property introduced , so,  adviced clinically where in chala guna observed ( vata vridhi , kaphaja and pittaja vyadhies) where we expect to introduce sthirata in pt .
And most are rasayana by its very guna and processing.

So even though drugs are same , because of varied pharmaceutical processing the action are different in both yogas )

Even as per chemistry, its lattice bonding in kupipakwa preparation and ionic bonding.

But in pottali kalpas , its amorphous bonding and covalent bonding between 2or more elements , so the chemistry on grounds of clinical action varied.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Bit of background
I came to know about pottali from my grandfather, when I was in PUC.
He was a visha, visarpa, and infertility specialist with 18 yrs of gurukula education and family background.
Whatever he said was always truth, no hype. Till DPL started production I could not get pottali so did not use it.
Now we have used it with results. But understanding results is difficult.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Sir namaste and thank you .can you elobarate the bonding in genral rasa aushadi's /kupipakwa rasayanas/ pottali.
Bhavana jarana mardana moorchana-utthapana aspects

gopi krishna:
Sir,  its a big explanation , difficult to discuss by typing .

As a gist to say
Kharaliya rasayana are covalent and mettalic bonding in nature.

Parpati kalpas _ covalent and ionic bonding

Kupipakwa rasayana _ lattice and covalent bonding.

Pottali kalpas _ amorphous bonding

So,  the clinical action varied in kajjali , rasaparpati ,rasasindoor and Rasagarbha pottali even though all are similiar ingredients. Therapeutically active in various forms

Chronic hepatic parenchymal disease

A case of Chronic hepatic parenchymal disease with mild splenomegaly

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:

Namaste all ...had a patient of 52yrs male  diagnosed with Liver Parenchymal disease.& urine sugar-0.5%..presenting with laxanas of pain after food intake & improper mala pravruti... had prescribed Sukumaram Kashaya+Drakshadi kashaya & Avipathi churna at bedtime Kamaduga Kamaduga with mouktika ...your suggestions please...

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Both Sukumaram and drakshadi  and avipathikara better be avoided in diabetics

Go for arogya vardhini

Gandharvahasthadi is preferable

Your prescription shows that you diagnosed it as a pitta Pradhan condition

Was there any aasyapaka

Or burning sensation in the chest

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Pain after taking food ...parinama shoola

In epigastrium

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
In that case dhathri lauha will works better

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
On alternate days..was prescribed by another Ayur physician Suvarnasoota shekara

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
What's the reason for hepatic pathology


Drug induced?

Malaria or typhoid

Bcz there's splenomegaly

In that case think about using patolakatutohinyadi with punarnavadi

Make the right dosha diagnosis

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
To take early food in night & in morning, curd

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
No curd

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Ok sir...groundnut oil is Ok?

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Only buttermilk


Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Blood sugar could be resultant of this?problem..

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
That which has damaged the liver has damaged the pancreas too

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Very recently he has started oral hypoglycemic drug

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Anti cholesterol Buster's are one nidana to be ruled out

Middle age and cholesterol Buster's prescription is common

Get a lipid profile and lft done next time

Select something which doesn't aggravate the underlying problem

Like thikthaka kashayam

Dr.pradp Noori:
Gomutra haritaki 3 gms in divided dose
Soothasekhar ras 500 mg before food
Hinguvachadi choorna 1 gm
Bed time swadistavirachan choorna 3 gms . For 14 days .
Will be my prescription .
Your Rx as sir said .
How to analyze this

It is a vikara in pitta sthana.
⚡️pain is avarodha vata . ( if burning and pain it is vata +pitta)2. Only pain it may be due to constipation and avarodha of gas then it is vata +kapha )
Vatanulomana is needed to relief the malapravrutti .

So ask them about type of pain, duration and frequency, associated with burning or not   and how does it subside .
In this case we have to clearly have a line of treatment for liver ,reduce the pain and relieve the constipation or correct the mala (v+p or v+k)
If vata pitta involved multiple times or burning  will be there .
If vk it will be constipation dry stools or like piles problem will be there .
Pure vata constipation
Hard dry and sever constipation will be there .
So my prescription is a guess work .but safe in all conditions

Correction of samana and apana vata

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
Udrshul.....After food intake ..Is it immediate or after some time....

Any other symptom...
At First forget investigation....
Pl.tell in detail... symptoms
Everytime Liver parenchymal disease..In report doesn't mean liver is basic cause ....Liver changes may due to another reason....
Pls.give details of symptoms
Then prakruti for e.g.
...  Dosh pradhanata
...  Kled bahul sharir
...  Medorog
.... Ruksh sharir
.... Sukumar sharir
.... Like this......

Sorry for asking ...

But it is not ordinary case ..That's why


Swati Totla:
Jeera kashyam +ghritam,munakka soaked in water (simple and effective solution for shool,aadhmana,amlapitta,malavbandha etc

Ghee is lubricating in intestine as well as pitta shamak. Munnakka mild laxative and pittashamak

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