Anemia treatment

Quick response with ayurvedic drugs

A case of anemia
A case of intestinal sussception

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Follow up of a case of Anemia

Started treatment at 2.8 Hb percentage on 6th may

11.2 gms after almost one month treatment

Tapyadi and punarnavadi kashayam with punarnava mandoor

A case of intestinal sussception presented with no bowel movements for five days

Cause was found to be a growth in the intestine leading to severe narrowing of intestinal lumen

Pt female,aged 82 yrs was advised colonoscopy and biopsy for further management

And came for Ayurvedic treatment

Gave her bhallataka vati, Sukumara ghritha and Sukumara erandam

Symptomatic treatment for abdominal fullness was done with shankha vati and kankayana guti

After one month of treatment 👆

Patient started having bowel movements after 48 hours of starting treatment

Earlier she used to pass Frank blood and pus only

Cause of intussusception in this case:
In some cases, the telescoping is caused by an abnormal growth in the intestine, such as a polyp or a tumor (called a lead point). The normal wave-like contractions of the intestine grab this lead point and pull it and the lining of the intestine into the bowel ahead of it. In most cases, however, no cause can be identified for intussusception.


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