Jun 25, 2019

Anemia treatment

Quick response with ayurvedic drugs

A case of anemia
A case of intestinal sussception

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Follow up of a case of Anemia

Started treatment at 2.8 Hb percentage on 6th may

11.2 gms after almost one month treatment

Tapyadi and punarnavadi kashayam with punarnava mandoor

A case of intestinal sussception presented with no bowel movements for five days

Cause was found to be a growth in the intestine leading to severe narrowing of intestinal lumen

Pt female,aged 82 yrs was advised colonoscopy and biopsy for further management

And came for Ayurvedic treatment

Gave her bhallataka vati, Sukumara ghritha and Sukumara erandam

Symptomatic treatment for abdominal fullness was done with shankha vati and kankayana guti

After one month of treatment 👆

Patient started having bowel movements after 48 hours of starting treatment

Earlier she used to pass Frank blood and pus only

Cause of intussusception in this case:
In some cases, the telescoping is caused by an abnormal growth in the intestine, such as a polyp or a tumor (called a lead point). The normal wave-like contractions of the intestine grab this lead point and pull it and the lining of the intestine into the bowel ahead of it. In most cases, however, no cause can be identified for intussusception.

Jun 9, 2019

Proper sleep is must to be healthy

almost all the information says getting up late in the morning will lead to obesit, diabetes, and cardiac disorders. affects the cricardian cycle.

Another way to get more sleep is to avoid sleeping in too late on weekends. It may seem counterintuitive because if you are not getting enough sleep during the week, your body will urge you to stay in bed on weekend mornings to make up for your lost sleep. But the reality is that sleeping in on weekends can confuse your body’s biological clock, making it even tougher to wake up on weekdays.
Interestingly, people who sleep for 9 or more hours also have higher rates of diabetes, so perhaps both insufficient sleep and too much sleep are both unhealthy when it comes to insulin and the development of diabetes62. Orexin plays an important role in glucose metabolism (including through its involvement in the production of a circadian glucose rhythm), preventing or promoting insulin resistance63 64.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
if advertisement is displayed type only
"regularly-sleeping-too-long-may-indicate-a-health-problem" in searchbox

The person who got nobel in 2016 "I think " for medicine worked on affects the cricardian cycle getting affected by sleep pattern. which we give 33% in healing.
Now we can pat our back on our knowledge of sleep is cerified by Nobel winners.

Here is a list of diseases that are corrected by proper sleep associated with kala bhojana
Tapna / tension
Pittaja / vataja agni dushti
thyroid malfunctions
respiratory disoreders
cardiac malfunction
skin disorders
kidney failure (partially)
Fat metabolisum
circulatory disorder.

Actually we have applied sleep and kaala bhojana to almost all patients above 12 years in diseases like shwasa, thyroid, gandamala, galashotha, galashundika with great results.

Diet comes after that. sada pathya and sada apathya gets affected by desha. but not kala bhojana and sadvrutta.

why kala bhojana becomes important?
what is part played by kala bhojana and bhojana vidhi?
should we post / discuss?
I am not going out of subject of pottali. Since i don't know anybody personally I am assuming madyamasdikari
few are uttama. And not considering anybody as heena adhikari. (who don't know basics)

There are too many hiranya / hema garbha pottali in the text.
This is basically tamra bhasma yoga- Swarna is < than tamra.  here it does not contain raw gold. bhasma is advised.
So look at contents quantity than name.
Anyway this is visha yoga with action on liver and blood more than on nervous system. Needs proper anupana to control and manipulate action.
Dose is if gandhaka Jarana is done then 3 to 5 mg. putapaka up to 20 to 60 mg.
how Khalva is used I don’t have any idea.
Speed of action In acute distress - 30 sec to one minute.
Non acute 30 minute to one week

In case of vata - if disease is due to स्तम्भ removing avarodha will reduce the symptoms immediately. i.e. why in villages they treat  vata vyadhi -like paksha vadh a with faster results. 
Same vata vyadhi due to bala khaya बलक्षय - then also you get faster results.

In नानत्मज diseases results will vary. In samanyaja vyadhi it will follow proper samprapthi vighatana.
this is the reason we get better reasuts in functional disorders and slow reasults in structural disorders.

Dr Pranesh Kulkarni:
In stambha, as stambha is due to rooksha guna, by snehana roukshya will reduce was my thinking. But how avarodha lead will lead to stambha?

Technically speaking stambha due to ruksha guna is sclerotic changes and avarodha resulting in stambha is block due to external cause

I will give example in pakshavadha if it is due to brain haemorage then it is vata vyadhi - but vata kahsya lakshana. If avarodha is removed then it will function normally. In sambhana due to sheeta also vata kshaya lakshana is seen. Same thing can happen due to dhatu kashaya also - white matter atrophy. then it reasults will be slower also total cure may not be possible.
वायोः धातु क्षयात् कोपो मार्गस्यावरणे न च

Dr Pranesh Kulkarni:
I considered stiffness as stambha and analyzed. So got confused. Thank you for clearing the doubt madam

Dr.pradp Noori:
Stambha may be due to Guru sthira sheeta and manda gunas   of kapha   or sheeta rooksha of vata .
Former ushna rooksha treatment  and for latter ushna snigdha . Like 1st.   removing clot from a drain
2nd over-oiling a door or wheel

Jun 1, 2019

Pottali effective in cardiac valve stenosis

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Always in stenosis you can use cardorium or arborium tonic. Best is patola patra kashaya / paneeya.
along with these two use Hemagarbha pottali / abra garbha pottali.
What exactly you mean by stenosis of valve? It is narrowing.  narrowing is two methods
1. vessel becomes narrow due to lack of strength
2. there is deposition inside the vessel
each need a different treatment.
In cases where panchakarma is indicated - like snehana, swedana then vamana virechana basthi, nasya, rakta mokshana are indicated surgery is not indicated then; if pancha karma can't be done, absence of chatushapada,  improper  desha kala then use pottali.
panchakarma is indicated for sukumara and dosha chaya.
pottali in vyakta or bheda, arishata lakshana, upadrava etc pottali is indicatted.
Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Sir is there any seasonal restrictions for pottali prayoga?
Dr.Ganesh kumar:
No that is the specialty of Pottali
not only pottali all rasa yoga can by-pass pancha karma. except in cases where muscle (mamsa dhatu is defective.) In majja dhatu dusti also pancha karma becomes second.  In village treatment of maha vaydhi moolika prayoga becomes 1st, ras / visha 2nd. kashoushadha 3rd. finall is panchakarma. it is indicated only for people dwelling in towns.
So if we use rasa yoga properly we can reduce load on environment, dependency on assittence and family. Time needed for each patient.
Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
Sir. How can we know because of weakening or deposition because in 2d echo we get diagnosis as stenosis of valve and rheumatic heart disease.
As it is rheumatic heart disease i am assuming as deposition. Kindly enlighten me
Dr.Ganesh kumar:
if vessel thickness is more then it is depstion. generally they give it as block or narrowing by depostion of chlosterol, if vessel wall thickness is more then depostion. thickening is absent but narrowing is present thenit is weakening.
Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
Thickness increased sir
Dr.Ganesh kumar:
So kshara karma is needed. Kalyanaka kshara along with arboreum /cardorium may help.
We advice patola (long one) patra paneeya. else depending on manobala add pottali
Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
Thank you so much sir. Here hemagarbha or abragarbha will be helpful or not needed sir?
Dr.Ganesh kumar:
You can use hemagrbha as it increases ojus, it will protect cardiac functions during kshara prayoga.
Be careful that she takes early dinner always.
Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
Ok sir. Early dinner important in cardiac prblms sir?
Dr.Ganesh kumar:
any thorasic problems.
Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
Thank you so much sir
Dr.pradp Noori:
How Does pottali preparations work so fast and effective in less time and minimal doseage ?
What happens in the samsara of pottali kalpana?
How does it get obsorbed and reach the target ?
What are the Pathya pathya of these kalpana ?
Dr.Ganesh kumar:
To understand pottali we need to start at h/o rasa Shastra and travel through time.
Or we need to make a list of contents of pottali.
Actually they are not fast in real meaning of term. If onion rasam / yavagu can increases o2 level from 78 to 94 in 30 min is it not fast.? If we look at cost, material and action it is fast.
If SMV can increase platelet count from 16000 to 62000 in one night is it not fast?
It is the action of pottali on shwasa / hrudaya makes it to consider as fast. Even in patients with tracheotomy etc. also it shows the action.
There is absence of doshavilayana, dosha parivartana is seen. Mala utpatti is reduced or corrected
These are things that happen in pottali prayoga. Patient conscious or not, able to swallow or not does not count.
It is sublingual absorption as far my knowledge goes.  depending anupana it reacts on brain not on organ and rectifies. There is no need to reach disease site.
generally pottali used in critical condition diet according disease or situvation need to be prescribed.
Pottali reduces the symptoms very fast. But simply one or two doses are not sufficient. It should be consumed continuously. One cardiac pt was taking pottali for more than four years. Gradually the dose of allopathic medicines has reduced and immunity increased cardiac efficiency also increased by 48 %to 54 %if I remember properly. And in one carcinoma pt who is still under treatment he feels taking pottali will give him strength to his day to day work he will not feel tired. He is on allopathic medication also. He has noticed there will not be hair fall if he takes pottali regularly if by any chance stops it for 4 to 5 days hair fall starts drastically. From this can we come to any samprapthi of how pottali's work?
Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
Yes sir...
Though acharyas not mentioned sublingual track .....But they have mentioned the importance of it indirectly....In दंत धावन विधी
कटू तिक्त कशाय रस  are अहृद्य
And these अहृद्य रसात्मक दंतधावन is contraindicated in ह्रद्रोग.....
Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
Charaka 's definition and explanation of veerya in sutra sthana says about sublingual absorption
Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Nothing to correct you are right -
additional information
actuvally I should have said "oral" the moment it fall on tongue - रसाग्नि will digest it and action is seen
आत्रेयभद्रकाप्य ——
रसो निपाते द्रव्याणां, विपाकः कर्मनिष्ठया। वीर्यं यावदधीवासान्निपाताच्चोपलभ्यते।।६६।।
रसादीनामेकद्रव्यनिविष्टानां भेदेन ज्ञानार्थं लक्षणमाह- रसो निपात इत्यादि। निपात इति रसनायोगे।
रसादीनामेकद्रव्यनिविष्टानां भेदेन ज्ञानार्थं लक्षणमाह- रसो निपात इत्यादि। निपात इति रसनायोगे। कर्मनिष्ठयेति कर्मणो निष्ठा निष्पत्तिः कर्मनिष्ठा क्रियापरिसमाप्तिः, रसोपयोगे सति योऽन्त्याहारपरिणामकृतः कर्मविशेषः कफशुक्राभिवृद्ध्यादिलक्षणः, तेन विपाको निश्चीयते
since action of rasa is nipata on tongue; we can say sub or supra. then why sub lingual patient will spit it if put on tongue to prevent it is given as sublingual.
Better if we say lingual absorbtion; due to adaptation sub-lingual is used.
Finally agni present in rasana digests some portion of food / medicine is clearly memtioned.

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