Pottali plays a greater role in ayurvedic treatment.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Actual quantity of swarna, tamra, rasa not mentioned.

To all members how may are graduates, double graduates and PHD?
practicing / teaching ?

As data regarding pottali is very little and if properly done may end in 3 to 4 weeks.
also practical experience is very little.

For practitioner result oriented / teacher data oriented.  Funny part is no body discussed why it is fast. Even DPL does not say why it is different other than processing procedure.

There is a reference  that as long as pottali is given action of other medicine is not felt. In our experience it is not true. we have used hemagarbha pottali, tara garbha, abhra garbga pottali not others.
Still question remains why, how, and when pottali acts differently.
Please put forth your thoughts / idea/ questions /experience so as to pool the knowledge for mutual benefit.

Sir 🙏 .. Rasa Pottali of dootpapeshwar is mentioned for jwara. How much and how to give it for my next patient or myself? Will it work quick like paracetamol ?

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Regarding Jwara - jwara as lakshana jwara as vyadhi are different. selection of medicine will depending on associte lakshana's.
Jwara with atisara - amoebica / kutaja / musta / abananda bhairava /kamadugha / gopichandana
Jwara with malavarodha - gorochana vati, sudarshana
jwara with pratishaya - rasna sapthaka quatha
Jwra wirh rasa dushti - Sapthasaara kashaya
like this.
reverse atisaara with jwara then nidana for atissara to be elicitated and medicine is given.
direct use of pottali in any condition directly may not be helpful.
Gopichandana / gorochana /rasna sudarshana / godanthi mishrana act like paracetamol.

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
I just heard about pottali. No experience at all. But my grandmother used to say pottali  requires strict pathya.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
What we need to cover
1.Ingredients -cost- collection substitute dilution of formula 
3.Difference from other rasa yoga
4.Method, dose of  pottali
5.How to identify a person is fit for pottali kalpana
6.Diet during use
7.Speed of action
8.Stability of results
9.Random use safe or not

any other topic to be added?

Probably one reason for loss of use is
1.Unlike  vaccination it prevents all spreading diseases; specially in case of children. So reducing number of persons who are  ill.
2.It does not show major action in chaya poorvaka vyadhi
3.Time and cost of preparation making gold amalgam is very difficult with shuddha parada. (with raw mercury gold mixes easily) shuddha parada needs approx. 20 -30 hrs of gringing to mix 7gms of gold with 40 gms of mercury.
Other reasons are there I will list gradually.

Basically if properly used pottali works out very cheap. For e.g.:- 1 g m Hemagarbha pottali cost is 1600. Dose is 3mmg per day then 1600/3 = 60 per day. Which very cheap than prent day therapy which costs approx.. 2000 to 10000 per month.

In case of cardiac patients it reduces cost of maintenance for patient along with protecting organs and acting as Ojo-vardhaka

Nice info sir. Apart from Ojo-vardhaka, can we describe how it works in cardiac patients like ischemic heart or history of MI, congestive heart etc, where the pathology is different

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
In my opinion where there is a connective tissue or collagen related problems, in other words kala related problems in terms of Ayurveda pottali gives very good results. It helps in the construction of connective tissue also. This is my vague observation. Since I have used in 2or 3 cases where reconstruction of the tissue has taken place. In one collagen problem case diagnosed by allopathic physician it is working
She is still under treatment. But lot of improvements are there.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Our approach is slightly different primary - organ involved -it is not cardiac but हृ-द-य

तत्र प्राणवहानां स्रोतसां हृदयं मूलं महास्रोतश्च, प्रदुष्टानां तु खल्वेषामिदं विशेषविज्ञानं भवति;
तद्यथा- अतिसृष्टमतिबद्धं कुपितमल्पाल्पमभीक्ष्णं वा सशब्दशूलमुच्छ्वसन्तं दृष्ट्वा प्राणवहान्यस्य स्रोतांसि प्रदुष्टानीति विद्यात्|

रसवहानां स्रोतसां हृदयं मूलं दश च धमन्यः|

क्षयात् सन्धारणाद्रौक्ष्याद्व्यायामात् क्षुधितस्य च| प्राणवाहीनि दुष्यन्ति स्रोतांस्यन्यैश्च दारुणैः||१०||
गुरुशीतमतिस्निग्धमतिमात्रं समश्नताम् | रसवाहीनि दुष्यन्ति चिन्त्यानां चातिचिन्तनात्||१३||

1.Rsavara srotomoola 2.Pranavaha srotomoola
If you apply these principles you will find all present life style leads to prana dushti then to hrudaya dushti
or rasa dushti and then hrudaya dushti
pranavaha dushti will become gulma samprapthi
rasavaha sroto dushti will lead to Ajeerna, avipaka, etc.
so eliciting nidana is important and finding route of hrudaya dushti vidhana.

This derivation was from one person who was affected by haemophilia and got cured by Ayurvedic vaidya in madhurai.
Vaidya told the patient you are haveing rsagnimandhya and treated him. patient was without symptom for 15 years. then in net somebody posted swiming is good even throuh vaidya specifically warned not to swim; he went for simmimg and devoloped all old symptoms.

This way rasagnimandya can affect either heart or blood.

Actually I want use pottali kalpa for one of my uncle who is suffering from AML.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
yes you can use it. first try Swarna malini vasantha 1-1-1
in 5 to 7 days if there is change then use SMV only not pottali if not go for pottali

in case of dengue we have used it with results in 24 hrs. from 25000 to 70 to 80000 in one day.
What we sugest is analze acoording to Ayurveda dhatu involve, srotas, srotomoola. And then treat poorva dhatu pradhana dhatu and uttara dhatu.
if totally difficult check upastamba and treat as anuloma or prathiloma kshaya.

But have you drcided the dose and cost and who will pay?

it was diagnosed 6 months before .He is on milder chemotherapy. I have giving him guluchi Ghana vati and arogya vardhini .

His hb levels and WBC counts keep falling frequently.

His general condition is good

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
As Dr. Ganesh said first give either SMV or Rajamriganka, and Tapyadi loha with silver. Hb increases and WBC counts reduces and SGOT AND SGPT is normal then continue with this along with any brumhana dravya that acts on Rasa agni like shata

Shatavari etc

This will help a lot. And give him black grapes juice boiled and cooled regularly this will definitely improves the quality of life

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Arogyvardhi is one item which properly prepared will act on 5 pittaha, pitta sthana and pitta ashraya. very delicate procedure of administration but effective.
So when in confusion general principle is give arogyavardhhini in pitta /rakta vikara.

Usually in carcinoma treatment we have to protect the liver. So best pitta rechaka and safe liver protective is arogya vardhini it is both protective, preventive and curative medicine.

Swati Totla:
Hemagarbhapottali ras-shuddha parad-4 parts,shuddha gandhak-2 parts,tamra bhasma -3 parts= 7 days khal in aloe Vera juice after that valukayantra procedure
Matra-1/8-1 Gina
Visuchika,sannipatik jara,all types of shwas,prasuti vaat and all types of vaat rog

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
My aim is understanding formula and using ingredients action for eg:- lakshmivilasa rasa (naradeeya) two formula are there in the market. one with tamra bhasma another with Abraka bhasma only. one is brumhana another is lekhana. So without ingredients we can't proceed.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:

Basically when I mean pottali - it is gandhaka jaritha not bhavana /khalva rasayana /putapakva. Attaining microparticle state is difficult with khalva. Also formula it self needs gandhaka jarana.

Where to use - any disease or pathologhy where transmission is damaged and pitta and manas arre involved.

Primary diseases - Shwasa, kaasa, atisara, amala pitta, hrudroga, mootra roga, pakshavadha.

It better not used in shukra dosha, kaibya.

Likhith D Raju:

Sir can these cases like vata nanatmaja vyadhis can be treated with just rasayogas.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:

In my observation nanatmaja vata vyadhi need food supliments along with medicine.

In these diseases dose of gandhaka jarita pottali is somewhere around 3 to 10 mg repeatedly once in 12 minutes, if no change in first 1minute then need to change anupana.

Non acute sonditions - dose 10 mg daily one or daily twice in snadya kala.

In chronic conditions it is 15 mg daily once at sunrise for 49 days, with appropriate anupana.

In neurological cases taragarbha is better

neuro-muscular problems - Hemagarbha is better.

In rasa dhatu vikruthi also Hemagarbha is better.

In skin disorders to reduce severity it may be better.

circulatory disorders Hemagarbha with tamra is better. - duration one year.

In intestinal disorders we have not tried. 

End of our knowledge.


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