Pandu roga treatment

Jayakrishna Kulamarva:
Follow up regarding the case of severe Pandu,the pt did not opt for blood transfusion and instead asked me to treat with our meds

A case of a girl 17 yrs with h/o excess menstrual bleeding presenting with severe Anemia Hb is 2.6 percentage

The lab report came yesterday with Hb level at 6.2 and it was 2.6 at the point of starting treatment

Punarnavadi kashayam 15 ml thrice
Punarnavadi mandoor
Tapyadi lauha
Ajamodadi choorna

And the paleness has disappeared,the severe exertional dyspnea is gone

Will post the lab reports,have requested the patient party to forward it to me

Another three cases of severe Anemia receiving treatment,will post the follow up

Hb levels at 6.2 of one
Another at 5.2
One more at 6.7

Severe bleeding during menstruation controlled with cap point at 2 cap every two hours

This is for those who have the Anemia due to menorrhagia and the caps are to be started in the second day

Point ingredients
Godanti Bhasma – Calx of Gypsum – 300 mg
Siddamruta rasa – 100 mg
Pravala Bhasma – Bhasma (Calx) of Coral – 40 mg
Kerba pisti – 20 mg
Bolaparpati – a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine – 20 mg
Chandrakala rasa – a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine – 20 mg

Excellent med, beautiful combination

At the start

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
In my experience, In such conditions it is better to give Rakta pitta chikitsa

Venkatacharya PBA:
Bola is wonderful drug
In state govt dispensaries they used to supply Raktabhandhini and used to work wonderfully and Bolabaddarasa is also available in the market and Chandrakalarasa  given is also good
Tapyadilouha is also good
Congrats Dr Jayakrishna


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