Diabetes management

Vijayalakshmi Bavanari:
A pt is with diabetis age 55 years under insulin heridetory  Vata Prakriti  . Fasting is280 ; post lunch is 360. Please suggest ayu supportive treatment. . Pt is cardiac pt also

Dr.pradp Noori:
Mamejava ghan vati
Meshasringai tab
Diabicon ds
Are the tab genrally used .with asanadi kashayam or khatakskhadiradi kashayam .but  I had no significant drop of BS .
Share your experiences

Venkatacharya PBA:
When fasting and post lunch sugar levels are high in insulin dependent then he needs some good Rasayana to protect vital organs
Here give him Vasantakusumakara along with Shilajat
And kataka Khadiradi kashayam as suggested by Dr Nori 20ml three times a day

Recently Dabur introduced on Rasoushadha
Vasantha meha
It’s also good

These are the hypoglycemic medicines.
Meant to bring down BS levels.
When BS levels don't come down.
Instead of giving hypoglycemic medicines check for ajeerna Dosha in such cases.
If there is rasasheshajeerna there will be high FBS
If Vidhadhdhajeerna there will be high PLBS.
Treating ajeerna Dosha will automatically bring down BS levels with simple hypoglycemic medicines.


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