Mar 29, 2019

Varicose veins treatment

Respected gurus
Pt name:  g sudha
Age: 48
Prakriti: kapha pitta
Suffering from varicose veins since 20yrs
Present report
Please give valuable suggestion.....

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
Give sahacharadi taila both internally and for massage. massage should be from down to upwards with pressure.

.s.s Sir:
Give Loknath Ras with Tambool Swaras in d morning.
Nityanand Ras
2-2 Tablets twice daily
Sahcharadi thailam for application

Give Sahacharadi and Varanadi kashayam 10-15ml each BD before food and Sahacharadi 7 or 21 avarthy tailam 10 to15 drops .
Give Kanchanara gugulu Bd
Arborioum plus or Cardorium plus syrup 10 ml BD after food.
Externally apply Valuya Sahachardi tailam in urdwagati or pratiloma gati .
You can do Dhanyamla Dhara and Churnapinda sweda.(with kulatta churna or kolakulatadi churna for 2 weeks.
Foot end elevation .
Stockings can be used.


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