Mar 6, 2019

Ovarian cyst management

Dr.Rajshri Soni:

Patient reports : ovarian cyst 2.6 CM
Endometrial polyp
Right pelvic adhesions
Rt chocolate cyst
Myomata of uterus with adenomyosis
C/o of severe dysmenorrhoea

What can be done in our line of treatment.According to allopathy they r planning of hysteroscopy, polypectomy

For adhesions & adenomyosis any thing in panchkarma

[25/02, 4:46 PM] Dr.Rajshri Soni: Gynaecologist had started dienogest tabs
[25/02, 4:47 PM] Dr.Rajshri Soni: Indused menopause

For adhesion management - Kaseesa bhasma
To prevent further progression of adhesion - Swarnavanga
are best

Also give her Sukumara ghritam for mrudu anulomana

Dr.Rajshri Soni:
Shall I stop dienogest???

You may stop Dienogest

Shubhangi Fultambkar:
Can v think of lekhan basti here..if patient is willing

No no niruha now. But can give pippalyadi matra vasthi alternat day for 4 weeks

Dr.Rajshri Soni:
Planned matravasti with jatyadi ghrit

No don't go for jatyadi ghrita
Pipplyadi matra vasthi is recommended

Dr.Rajshri Soni:
Started vridhavadhka vatikuberakshvati


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