Mar 8, 2019

Herpatuc neurolgia

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Good evening vaidhyas, it is case of complication after herpes infection ie postherpatic neuralgia. Patient age 68 yrs, suffered with herpes infection 9 month back, at that time he went through some folklore treatment and then allopathic treatment. The rashes got treated but now presently have pain in the right upper limb from elbow to palm. In palm it's more. Nature of pain pricking,  throbbing in nature and also he developed contratures of four fingers more in middle, ring and little finger as you can see in the picture. Please suggest PK therapy and medications which can be benificial to get rid from pain and contracture.

Masha tailam one of the best trustworthy choice in post herpetic neuralgia.
Do Abhanga regularly for min 30 min daily
Brihat vatachintamani 250 mg twice daily
I have treated successfully plenty of such cases. A senior allopathy doctor also among those.

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Thank you so much sir. Sir BVC with gold??? Patient can't afford so plain can be given?

Abhyanga how many days?

Abhyanga till to get relief. May it takes 3 months.
If pt not affordable, can be plain BVC

Vishathindhuka vati , snehapanam, virechanam. Shodhitha Gairika-local application

Vd. Uday Patil:
Depending on Age and Prakruti of patient, I think 1st we have to reduce pitta dosh either by panchakarm like basti, virechan, raktamokshan or internal medications like Shwadanshtradi (Gokshuradi guggul) with Dhanyak fant, Su. Gairik, etc.
Then to dhatu bal vryddhi, BVC internally and yapan basti, Taildhara externally can help.

Pls correct if I'm wrong 🙏


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