Mar 6, 2019

A Case of infertility

Dr.Rajshri Soni:
One more patients Aged 45
C/o frequent urination,

Post void urine in bladder is 200 cc

Started cpv,kushmandavalehyam,

Any thing for postvoid

Any history of urethritis symptoms??

Dr.Rajshri Soni:
Ya long back

Vd bala
Varunadhi gritham -sneha panam ND virechanam.  Yoni prakshalanam ND  dhoopanam .yoni Picchu -with kshara tailam . regular Pushyanuga choornam, asokarishtam is enough..

Vd. Uday Patil:
👆 Usg report of a Male patient ∆ Primary Infertility, c/o No Ejaculation.

Krush, Vaat pradhan prakruti, Dry, eczematous skin

Eczema releived by my Ayurvedic treatment.

Pls guide if we can treat his Infertility. 🙏

Payal K:
First you can treat his varicoceole then imp thing is to find out whether there is sperm production or not can be done by sending him to fertility specialist. Use of basti chikitsa, uttarbasti and internal meds like hirak rasayan, Pushpadhanva rasa, siddha makardhwaj with necessary food changes. Other meds can be discussed after these things are done
Dr. Mounika:
Could u share home remedies for throat infection n throat pain due to cold?

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Haridra is best for Gargaling & take internal.Marich chew .

Dr. Mounika:
Tried gargle with lukewarm water+s.lavan+haridra

Chennur Vinuthna:
Hii sr a case of bilateral varicocele 2nd grade, with azoospermia can u pls suggest treatment

Dr.pradp Noori:
First ask them to stop all sweet products and kapha kara products .
1.give 4 tulasi leaves with ginger and honey .Bala age
2.give 4 leaves tulasi honey and maricha young
3. Give 4 leaves of tulasi with ghee and Dalchini elders

My view
It may be a case of surgery . If it is azoospermia .
(If some sperm count is there treat with Vriddhivadhika vati +aswagandha +gokshura+musali )

Payal K:
6 yr old boy has alopecia 2 patches on head since last 4 months..seems to be other major symptoms.. constipation sometimes....any recommendations considering his age ?

Vd bala
Krimi mudga Ras 2tab for 1month. Rub with small onion daily. Navayasa loha tab 1 with milk . Always laghu aaharam.


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