Sira granthi treatment

Kashaiah Vasam:
Is it varicose veins

Patient male 70 years former no h/o DM and known htn on medication

Dr Abhay Shah:
Do जलोकावचारण with your regular medicines

Yes... siragranthi...( Varicose)

Foot elevation...

Vatarakta chikitsa..
Sira vyadhana or jalukavacharana

.s.s Sir:
Loknath Ras + saindhav Lavana with Tambool Swaras in the morning...

Dr.pradp Noori:
Jalokavacharana is indicated theories. But it is not the right one to do in many cases it is srothavarodha so think about obstruction removal rather than vimargagamana complications .
A genral used prescription is
Sahacharadi thailam ext application (pratilomagati )
Sockings till knee life long .
Internal Guggulupanchapalam
Vriddhivadhika vati both 1 gn per day  with Sahacharadi kashayam 15 ml before meals and Ksheerbala tailam 101 avartini twice after food .
For 1 to 2 months . Know that it's is a yapya vyadhi .

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
1.सहचर तेल
2.पांडू चिकित्सा
3.कुष्ठ चिकित्सा
4.रक्तपित्त चिकित्सा

Its my approach......

Pratiloma gati abhyanga...( Opposite direction massage)( sahacharadhi and pinda mix)..

Sahacharadhi 10 drops taila along with milk or sahacharadhi 21 soft gels also very effective..

Reason... sahacharadhi is very effective in lower extermitie well as Dashamoola, kushta, Ela etc herbs used in this oil are useful to relieve pain.


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