Oral candidiasis

A case of Lichen with prurigo nodularis

Vijaya Rani:
Pt age 64c/o  severe itching
H/o 30 yers back she was effected by lichen planus
Since that on wads she was under medication
Till now she didn't get relief but spread allover body,even tongue also effects
H/o htn and DM since 20 years
Madyama sareera
Mala nirmal
Mutra normal
Pitta kapha Nadi
App  madyasta
Guide me drs

Lichen with prurigo nodularis...

Here Kapha Hara(kandu Hara) with raktha sodhaka treatment as well as anti inflammatory management

Histanin (KAPL)
Grab(Green Remedies)
Tiktakam kashyam or if weight is more  asanadhi kashayam

External application
Yastimadhu taila and eladi taila mix
Neem alovera contain soap

Continue diabetic and htn Medication

Avoid masala oily fry junk brinjal curd pickles nonveg...

Advise to take plenty of buttermilk with ginger and jeera

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Apamarg masi apply with cocunut oil along with other Like A.V.VATI.

A case of oral candidiasis

Rishi Vashishth:

Case 1=A 2 years and 8 months old kid,  suffering from 5 months with oral thrush. Weight 12kgs. First approached an allopathic Doctor,  it subsided,  recurred again and again.  At that time the tongue coating was yellowish white. Now the tongue coating is black.  The child has been suffering from acute gastro enteritis repeatedly as well(once a month at least) and recurrent respiratory tract infections(once a month atleast).  The child is bottle fed since birth,  now kshirannada. Agni is visham,  as the kid at times eats well and at times has anannabhilasha. Had a habit of mridbhakshan too,  but now has grown over it and doesnt have that anymore. Please  guide, how to approach such a case.

Vinaya Ballakur:
For this child , krimi, kushtha and Pandu chikitsa have to be planned. Oral hygiene must be maintained. Avoid, sweets,chocolates , ice cream.

May give Vidangasava 5 ml twice daily and gandhaka rasayana 125 mg twice daily for about 10 to 15 days.
Then Arvindasava 10 ml twice daily for two months.
Jihwa nirlekhana is a must. Neem paste for brushing teeth twice a day. After brushing and tongue cleaning a light application of arimedasthailam can be advised.
Advise to reduce milk intake and include more solid food. Ragi based foods are best for this age group. Papayas and pomegranates among fruits and easily digestible gourd vegetables among vegetables should be gradually introduced.

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Check milk for adulteration. Advice to add gripe water or ajamodarka to milk.
Sitopaldi churna with madhu+ ghrita bedtime is my DOC

Kashaiah Vasam:
It is starting oral candidiasis infected turns into chronic and mrudbhakshanajanya pandu
1.Give Bannison Syp.5ml bid
Syp. LIVOMYN 5ml bid

Yashti madhu churna with madhu fo r

Oral cavity applying

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Tankan bhasma with honey apply on tongue.


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