Low appetite in kids

Vd. Uday Patil:
Pls suggest some medicine for my daughter.

C/o - Low appetite, Low weight, Constipation (daily 1 time but hard stools).

Prakruti - Pitta vaat pradhan.
Usually healthy, playful, very talkative.

Birth History - FTND.

No other disease history other than cold, cough, fever.

Usually responds well to Ayurveda medicines. But constipation increases with Ushna virya medicines.

So pls suggest a good appetizer, which should not cause constipation but rather mild laxative, and weight enhancer.

Suresh Kumar:
Age of ur daughter vd.udaypatil .

Vd. Uday Patil:
5 yrs

Weight 14 kg

Sir Aragwadha phala majja churna will be useful

Suresh Kumar:
Syp.balakalpam 10ml bd.kAPL company.

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Can try with Dadimavaleha

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:

Sir.. Very Good morning..

Vasu caspa digestive syrup

Dr.pradp Noori:
Sitopaladi choorna 2gms with Kamadhoodha ras 250 mg  is my drug of choice . In children with a normal kapha condition there should not have a regular constipation , so think of history taking in family for piles .ushna rooksha .after 1 week use any laxative medicine which is sheeta snigdha like swadistavirachan virachana choorna or any other

Venkatacharya PBA:
Some times even mother my angry but never Hareetaki

gopi krishna:
Aravindasava with twakelaadi leham


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