Abdominal hernia ayurvedic management

Utkarsh Arya:
Respected doctors, please help me for the treatment of an ayurvedic doctor as earlier she was suffering from umbilical hernia, tried to manage surgically but any how surgery becomes failed. Doctors advised for abdominoplasty with skin grafting. Now the area becoming blackish, probably developing gangrene. What we can do for proper healing and prevention from gangrene.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Please give more details Dr.
Age, diabetic status, febrile status, whether able to eat solid food, Agni, ama status, mala , mutra, if implants are there, any post surgical scan .
Necrosis is present. Urgently must be attended.

I have not had experience dealing with such a case , so I will wait to see inputs from Vaidyas who have treated such cases.
Still if I would come across such patients where surgery fails, surgical wound does not heal and there is necrosis, my first step would be to contain the infection internally and externally,  clear the vrana of dead tissue , support the patient's immune system and vitals.

Rasa sindhura 125 mg  BD
Amritottaram kashayam +Varunadi kashayam
10 + 10 ml thrice daily
Vrana cleaning with Murivenna and after cleaning of dead tissue again fresh application of Murivenna.

Lot of infections are spread only through hospitalization. Gandhaka rasayana is another drug that I would consider.

Loknath ras has the ability to improve micro channel circulation and regenerate healthy tissue.
Sharmaji and Guruji Venkatacharya ji might  advice you further.

.s.s Sir:
Loknath Ras + Marich
In the morning with
Paan + Adrak+ Lahsun
Swaras ..
For 45 days...

Venkatacharya PBA:
Genarally repair of abdominal Hernias and incessional hernias success rate it fifty fifty only it depends on so many factors
Now the manage ment is of Dusta vrana
Internally if patients condition permits give Talaka Bhasma alongwith godanthi
Or Rasa sindhura suggested by Dt Vinaya
And  Lokanatharas suggested by Dr Sureender
Even Gandhakrasayana helps
But here Bahiprimarjanam is important
Regular dressing with Vranasodhana thilam or Vairaja thilam is must


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