Jul 18, 2018

A case of severe back pain with facial paralysis

Vidya Viddhu:
Gud evening doctors...pt name Rukmini..Age..48yrs..(pt is my mother)..
C/O very severe low back ache radiating to both legs since 1 week ..but from today she is nt able to get up from bed also..temperature since 3dys..

H/O..HTN since 7yrs on Losar-H 50mg..
Underwent Angiogram in 2016 ..on Atorfit 20mg..
Facial paralysis  & Severe nerve pains and pt dint walk properly  for few days in 2014..Ayurvedic treatment was given by me nly..kativasthi also done..
Last year pt was having same backache..MRI was advised by Neuro dr.bt pt refused fr scan..still pt have more fear to go for MRI scan...

Every rainy season pt becomes very week..since 3yrs..sometimes she complaints of mild burning sensation in heart.so did 2d echo and ecg..its  normal

Vd. Uday Patil:
Tell us more about your mother..... Birthdate, Weight, Prakruti, food habits, Nature, Past history including menstrual history, your diagnosis of Present illness with likely root cause, etc

So that a good diagnosis of such complaints in early age could be done.
All our CAV gurus will suggest Rx accordingly. 🙏

Vidya Viddhu:
02-06-1968..weight-66kg..monthly twice or thrice non-veg..everyday nyt dinner will b jowar ki roti.never take oil foods or out side foods..Hysterectomy done in year-2000...regular periods...

She is having cough also...while coughing pt is passing urine n sever pain at dat region..

gopi krishna:
Vishamusti vati
Punarnavadi mandoora

Powder combination of
Avipathikar choorna
Godanti bhasma
Malla sindooram
Tapyadi loha
Abraka bhasma

If not responded in 1 month then start with rasarajarasa 1 bd

Vinaya Ballakur:
Clear case of vikruta vata... Kati shula...
H/o ardita , hysterectomy too causes vata Prakopa, her food habits too are vatakaraka ( daily Jowar roti, complete avoidance of oil).
Aggravation in pravrut ( vata Prakopa Kala)

Whether avarana is associated is dhatu kshaya is associated must be examined for treatment.

Fever and cough may be due to seasonal change.
cough causing urine passage is a common symptom after hysterectomy

She needs to have treatment for immediate vata kapha Prakopa manifesting in fever and then long term vata treatment

For the time being
Sudershan Ghana vati 1 tab twice a day along with Tribhuvan kirthi Rasa 1 tab thrice a day with ardraka and Tulsi Rasa and honey can be given.
Sahacharadi kashayam  10 ml with water twice a day.
Give this for three days.
Then long term treatment should be planned.
Diet also right now in fever, ganji, shadanga paniya, yusha and ushna jala

The medicine she is taking for reducing lipids also cause vata and depletion of kapha .

Vidya Viddhu:
Thanks for explanation madam.she consumes coffee 2cups everyday..is cafeen good madam..

Vinaya Ballakur:
Caffeine is pitta and also vatakaraka. Reduces kapha needed for structural integrity.

I would add ksheerabala thailam internally to that.

Welcome Vd. Vidya. After your mother recovers from fever note if ama lakshanas are there, her Agni , mala pravruti, mutra pravruti, any stiffness, swelling over joints, whether any upashaya is helping her etc.

Subha sayantram...

Start Nuro XT ( Green Remedies)
Trayodasanga guggulu

Visagarbha taila and murivenna tailam application

If Agni is good..
Start Lasuna ksheera paka for immediate relief..

Vinaya Ballakur:
Rasayanas / vajikarana and vayasthapakas whether of Rasa or kashtha origin have a great role.

That is why Agni is important

Dr Manik Dixit:
1) Rule out UTI - urine c/s.
2) ultrasound scan abdomen.
3) Check ESR.
4) check serum Vit D3.

Rogamadou pareekshet......
Precision in diagnosis helps in improving treatment outcome.

Low back ache is not necessarily due to spondylosis.

Using modern technology and diagnostic tools are essential for proper diagnosis.
Treatment may be done with Ayurveda medicines.

Post hysterectomy, has she been treated with overdose of calcium ??
Has she been taking sufficient water during summer ?
Any recent travel ?

Vd. Uday Patil:
I think, Prataplankeshwar Ras can be used in Fever, Cough, Vata prakopjanya kati shool.

Later after fever subsides, other dhatu poshak balya medicines + panchakarma treatment

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
Since it increases in rainy season, there will be vatapradhana tridosha prakopa in trika stana and avalambaka kapha and rasagni vikrithi so to correct all theses condition we advice dashamoola katutrayadi kashaya with swarnamakshika bhasma thrice daily. Next year you should start this treatment before rainy season and if pain is not there also you should continue the medication till the end of rainy season.

Jul 16, 2018

Case discussion on udarashula

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Good afternoon Vaidyas. Please suggest me the valuable guidance.     Age-70.  My mother in law c/o  udarshula since 2months. Place--liver quadrant. Earlier she used to tell around nabhi.  Ratribali.  Chardi-today-yellowish fluid. Once in a month she forcefully does vomiting.   Taking BP tab. Backache since 8yrs. No other complaints, active .doing all the works.   ..Reports----- calculus cholecystitis. Liver necrotic mass.Multiple calculus  8mm..  Biopsy result --Adenocarcinoma.   Balamamsa kshaya is there 'within 1 month this changes are there.

AFP- 26.4ng/ml  (0.00-6.05)

Madam... Advise PET SCAN

Kanchanara guggulu
Arogyavardhini vati
Dasamoola Rasayana..

Refer to oncologist for further management..

gopi krishna:
Photo from Dr.M.Gopi Krishna

Dr.Ganesh kumar:

Muscle pain / weakness comes when energy needed is not supplied.
In muscle it is by convertion of ATP /ADP where Ca+ is used. when we supply calcium 1/10 portion is converted to ions and help in enery convertion during muscle functions and it reducess pain by giving proper strength to muscle by relesing energy. So need to treat muscle by calcium preparation.

in asthi kashya it bone pain not joint pain, sadana danta kesha nkhadishu and in majja it is asthi soushirya, bhrama timira darshana.

Jul 9, 2018

Tinnitus ayurveda management

Dear drs ,
This is Dr Ajayita. I m dealing with Pt of Tinnitus , I am already managing stress and cervical spondylitis of this case , I did try to do Karnpoornam as well , but Pt could not tolerate it well , Differential diagnosis Meniers disease .
I will be highly thankful for this case discussion . Look forward

Thanks for ur response !!
She is 68 yrs female Pt , retired as Principal school ,
As per her Ent reports her hearing is impaired in totality of left ear and partially right ear .
Neurologist terms it Meniers disease and ent terms it tinnitus .
Vertigo was a issue but after handling her Cervical Spondylitis as per Panchakarma it’s under control .
Now the issue left is her Tinnitus and progressive hearing loss .
As per ayurveda she is purely Vataj

Sarivadhi vati
Go ghrita daily 1tsp BD before food
Balarista and aswaganda Arista mix

Anu taila nasyam...

Otherwise ksheerabala application sorrounding of ear and scalp region...as well as bilwa taila application into the ear


Pt age is 68years...(old age)..
Imbalence of vaata(prakopa)..
Ageing and tissue degeneration..


Chikitsa...Vata Hara...rasayana..

Go Gritapana...it pacifies vata..improves the strength of nervous system

Sarivadhi vati...for tinnitus
balarista and aswaganda Arista...best nervine tonic and rasayana

Naveen Dama:
Good evening doctor. Here Dr Kamal has given wonderful prescription , simply I am adding some medicines only,

Shiroabhyanga and padabhyanga, wherein the soles of the feet are massaged with warm sesame oil, has a specific effect in calming the prana vayu. At bedtime, warm sesame oil should be applied to the soles of the feet and also to the scalp. This treatment rapidly normalizes the prana vayu.

Karnapooran:  to calm the vata in the ears, ten drops of warm sesame oil is applied daily to each ear. The oil is allowed to remain in the first ear for five or ten minutes, then that ear is cleaned, and the same procedure is followed with the other ear, with the client lying on the other side. Typically, this treatment should alleviate tinnitus, and most other symptoms of prana vayu disturbance, within eight to ten days. Bilwadi tail, Apamargkshar tail, Dashmool tail can be used for Karnpooran.

Ashwagandha  can be used to great effect. The simplest way is to take 1 to 2 tablets (250mg to 350mg) of Aswagandha along with 1 cup of warm milk at bedtime along with a little sugar and cardamom powder mixed, so that resulting sound sleep will reduce vata dosha. Aswagandha phytochemical constituents increase serotonin, a sleep inducing hormone. Aswagandharishtam, of which 15 ml can be taken with water after dinner. This will relax the cranial nerves, reducing the ringing caused by Tinnitus.

severe cases of chronic tinnitus, 'Brihad Vata Chintamani Ras' is used. This is a bhasma made from silver and gold oxides that acts on nerves quite rapidly, calming vata. Being a gold oxide based medicine, this should be taken in a low dose tablet twice a day, mixed well with cow ghee and honey. The dose can be halved after the reduction of ringing as a prophylactic measure. can use the anti-inflammatory Yogaraj Guggulu (200 mg. 2 - 3 times a day) with warm water, after food

gopi krishna:
Indu vati , ksheerabala capsule , with bringaraja / hingu nasyam is good in meniers

If the pt did not respond in 1 month time , then start Abraka bhasma /abragarbha pottali with triphala anupanam .

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Skin disorders r usually due to collection of doshas in shakha. To clean them we need to bring them to koshtha & eliminate them through Apan vayu karma.

But which karma is disturbed may decide medicines to give in that particular patient

My intetion was to draw attention towards dosha sanchara and it's paka / nirharana or / to use deepana pachana in patients with skin and lungs complaints.
How to decide samprapthi. Went in a round about way.
Unforunatly I could not make a clear approach.
Now question is how to decide treatment in patients with twak and shwasa (not vyadhi) / lungs related symptoms.
Also why both get related sometimes?

Jul 7, 2018


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