Dr.Ganesh kumar:
If you go through manjistadi of Sharngadhara in the end he says it should be given with guggulu and pippali prakshepa. Already triphala guggulu is there. How to add pippali - it is one drug proven as enhancer of anti-biotic action.
In sroto vimana Charaka says "प्राणवाहीनि —- स्रोतांसि अन्यैश्च दारुणैः " so defects of any other srotas will create defect in pranavaha - i.e. प्राणोत्र —— अक्षणां पाटवेन च । So need to treat prana in chronic and sever disease where patient devoloped bit of fear complex. Talisadi is from yakshamdikara ajeerna chikitsa. It will correct agnimandya of dhatu protect  prana  from defects of other srotas.
All these combined - anupana for manjistadi, to protect prana, enhance agni, improve dhatu poshana and kitta nirharana I use talisadi.
With proper medicine - It has givcen good results in treatment of S.aureus, kleibella sp. aslo proteas sp.
Results in 3 to 5 days.
as per advise of sharngadhara instaed of pippali alone I add talisadi.
Hope not too much confusing.

Shubhangi Fultambkar:
Respected vaidyas please tell me if anyone has used Arjun twak local application in vyang(melasma)? Is it useful alone wth hetuparivarjan?

.s.s Sir:
Yes, it's very useful in Vyang . Apply with milk


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