Menorrhagia treatment

Vinaya Ballakur:
Patient , aged 26 had history of severe bleeding last year in June- August which got regulated after I gave Ashokarishta. In September Hb was 7.1 gm/DL.
The I started tapyadi Loha and drashasava.
Mandagni, slight constipation and stress were the other complaints.

Series of reports every month only showed Hb hovering between 7-8 and microcytic, hypochromic anemia.
Sharing one report taken in Nov. 2017.

Then I changed medicines and started lauhasava and dhatri lauha. Sharing April 2018 report

It was then I decided to talk with Ganesh sir.
Even though I had not shared the previous microcytic report, the guru with his insight asked me if it was change from microcytic to normocytic.
He said severe stress was the cause and asked me to add siddhamakaradhwaja.

microcytic anemia means she has undergone severe truma with in last 2 years / or in 2013-14. It can be pain or plessure.
If so she will need Siddhamakara dwaja.

if it was microcytic hypocromic now only hypochromic means your treatment is working. It kaes * months to become normal.
But add simhanada gugggulu and any stanya vruddikara yoga with methi in it.
or Methi ladu Ladu of roasted methi powder in ghee.
Also If there is a H/o disappointment -  of job/ salary/ working condition/ marriage
then you need to clarify that.
you can call morning from 7.30 to 8am or after 11am evening before 5

I confirmed about severe work related stress that patient underwent

Started treatment on 23 rd April

By the first week patient ' s pallor had gone. Under eye also was red. But did not get blood test done.

Patient also had a normal period in the ensuing month.

In a span of 50 days ( because Ganesh sir has indicated many times that it takes 49 days for results to show up) a leap from 7.5 to 11.

I hope this case study will trigger some thinking .


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