Namaste ,  a male pt aged 25 , suffering with gynecomastia . Guide me how to approach this further.

Vaman followed by virechan helps....

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
earlier also i have posted that demand case history. Ayurvedic way.
here is a gunshot remedy for time being either give same treatment given to to stop lactation.
Along with lepa of jatipatra.
Also post dina, ratri, married state, relation to family members, till what age he was sleeping near mother.
attitude, method of asking question, acceptence of treatment.
Why they came to Ayurvedic treatment, age of mother, details of medication during pregnency of mother. (there is chance that they gave hormones to continue pregnency), behavior male / female voice state. is it masculine or feminine.
change in satmya i.e. veg to non-veg or reverse. Final any underwent fear of death.
Generally thhis is my case taking method.
end of drilling.

Namaste sir, that pt s unmarried,pujari,slight feminine nature found in voice and way of expression .there wr no intake of such mdcns by his  mom. He s alone in a village .  Underwent blood test , they wr normal (I don't c the blood test s)

An important thing, according to his mother ,at the age of 20 underwent circumcision, after the circumcision  he got developed breast .  But by seeing his previous photos , he s bulky one with flabby muscles . His uncle also same appearance but he developed breast after the age of 30.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Is it gynacomastia or deposition of fat around nipple.
due to circumcision he might have felt he is not male; which may result in sighns of female structure.
Appropriate case taking is needed.
If h/o is complete complie all together post to group and ask for advise.

This is the report of my uncle 73 yr old.With h/o Diabetes .since one month had fever on n off. wbc count was around 2000-2300 .Hb was 10.5
hence did bone marrow test . which shows AML. pls advise  what can be done.

Kashaiah Vasam:
This viral fevers


Ayush 64 tablet is good

Dr Manik Dixit:
This is more of a cosmetic issue , especially keeping in mind the age of marriage.
Otherwise, all the work up of aahar- vihaar- hormone...
.as suggested by other Vaidyas is essential for further quality family life.
Surgerical intervention as suggested by Venkatacharya Guruji is best for the present situation.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Complete history and pareeksha according to Ayurveda necessary. Investigations are only supportive and confirmatory.
As far as I understand Gynecomastia is a pubertal condition, many times resolved after complete sexual maturity.

Since this is happening in adult hood in this case, questions regarding obesity, sedentary life and sexual abnormalities or problems will arise.


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