dementia can be cure with panchagavya ghrita

_Dr Rashmi Patil:
Good evening Teachers, want a suggestion to treat the patient aged 60 years suffering with mild dementia and his reports are as follow.
Ncct head_  mild diffuse cerebral atrophy

Doppler of carotid and vertebral artery _ mild intimomedial thickening in rt distal common carotid artery n carotid bulb

Complaints- reduced memory and mild restless and reduced involvement with society. Feels good in playing with children

Age related...

Panchagavya ghrita
Aswaganda churna...

Curcuma also helps a lot....

Dr Manik Dixit:
1)Rajat bhasma
With kushmanda rasayan
2) Brahmi + Ashwagandha
3) guggulupanchapala churnam with rasonadi kashayam.

gopi krishna:
Abragarbha pottali / abraka bhasma with jeevantyadi grita anupanam

.s.s Sir:
Loknath Ras+ Marich with Tambool Swaras .
Mrigank Ras with Chatushkuvalaya ghritam at bed time...

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
If patient is not rich, Then give cardorium 20ml -020ml
and vysex tablet 1-1-1 later reduce to 1-01 and after 20 days no-improvement add madiphala rasayana 1-0-1
Thhis is permenent till death.
If stopped will not yield good results
Also advise to avoid fridge, chilles, and late dinner completely.

Dr.pradp Noori:
As i am a gerontology and gediatrics practitionar .Three advices you can give to such pt (attenders)

Walk and talk with them for atleast 30 min a day .
Add 20 ml pure ghee to their diet .
Give aswagandha sunthi and Sonamukhi 10:2:1 mixture 5g morning and evening before food .
These three things will benifit them along with any of the medication they are using .

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Two things out of context
1.Decoction of dadima seeds - not juice is giving good results in cardiac problems
2. Decoction of entire dadima is controlling blood suger better but chek wt loss.
Also papaya -raw cooked and seasoned (without chilles) is giving good results in sudden onset of joint pain - like chikungunya
Out of subject but thought I may get some feed back

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Recently  I read an articleon Hypoglycemic effect of Raw Pappaya , Banana,&mango h


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