Gayatri devi Dr.:
Friends did anyone treated corneal filaments case? I am suffering from the problem for more than a decade. There is no treatment except taking artificial tears in allopathy. If any of our members have the experience of treating this problem pl suggest the treatment.

I get foreign body sensation, watering,irritating pain quite often. No reason why it starts or how it subsides. The problem persists for few minutes to hours.

No hypertension, no diabetes, no thyroid, no cholesterol

Dr Prashanth Bhat:
Jeevantyadi ghrita akshi tarpana for 7 days
Ksheerabala 101 pratimarsha from 8 th day
Saptamrita loha 2-0-2
For minimum 3 mandalas(48 days *3)
Repeat akshi tarpana every month minimum 3 months

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
have u tested AEC?

Dr Suchitha Challa:
I tried this tt for my pts and got good can try it.yasti ksheera kashaya sekam
Followed by bidalakam with lodhra
Lodhra fry with ghee and add water and made thick paste.apply as mukalepa over eyes.
Seka do by opening eyes

Seka for 5 min and followed by bidalaka 20min and bandana with rose petals or normal 30 min .for the period of 1week

Internally lodhra gritham 10ml bd

Kshata shuklahara gugulu 2bbd

.s.s Sir:
I hv treated one similar case ....
Akshitarpan with Lodhra ghritam...
RNS Netra Bindu drops thrice daily...
Saptamrita Lauh with Aditya Bhaskar Ghritam twice daily.


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