Boils on the skin

Dr Sridevi C:
Dear Vaidyas, my cousin complaining of "BOILS" on backside of right upper arm, one on thigh. Lesions are soft, no pus or fluid.
Patient age-34 years
Has vyangya on face which developed at the of 2 years.
Menstrual history 28/4-5days. C/o heavy bleeding.
Pitta Prakriti patient.
Had advised her-Triphala Guggulu
Manjishtadi kashaya for three months. But she continued for 6 months. She said there has been decrease in size of BOILS but not cured.
Now her menstrual cycle have changed to 21/4-5 days probably because of the continuous use of Guggulu.
I have asked her to continue manjishtadi. Added Sarivadi and Shatavari granules (for her menstrual complaint). Kindly guide me with her treatment

Madam p,v shamak line of treatment must be done
You are giving good combination mam
Mahatiktaka ghrita or panchatiktaka ghrita sneha pana
Followed by virechana
Tikta dravyas like
Guduchi,vasa,nimba,patola,kirata tikta will be very useful

Nimbadi kashaya will also be very useful

Madam in food mudga and ghrita regular use will be good

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
was there any C&S done?
if reasult is not there always get C&S. depending on that decide treatment time.
Also dose of given medicine and time. Anupana if added.
dinachari At what time gets up, bath, food timeings, refrigerated food intake. married if so children, and MTP done. With h/o bolis like this all the chance of one abortion ot medicine taken to postpone or prepone.
If gets late on week-end even if you treatment for 1 yr it will not subside.
If you can provide these I wll sugest medicine which should work in 3 to 5 days.

Dr Sridevi C:
Thank you madam for your precious time. I missed one information. She is taking Shankha Vati. Will advise Nimba. She stays in Bangalore and I'm in Mangaluru so I'm not sure that she will go for virechana. But  had asked her to take eranda taila along with dugdha as sadyovirechana. But she didn't get proper virechana. But will advise her tho see an Ayurvedic physician there in Bengaluru.

Thank you sir for your advise and precious time. C & S not done. Triphala Guggulu 1tid and Manjishtadi kashaya 2tsp tid. She gets up early morning around 6 as she has to do household chores. She is a strict follower of diet regimen. Doesn't eat junk food often, has meals at proper time and doesn't do jagarana. She is married for the past 6 years. But had difficulty in conceiving as her husband had oligospermia. But now has a son who is 2 years old. No h/o abortion/misconceptions/MTP. She did take Primolut-N. But only when urgent.

Dr.Ganesh kumar:
Triphala guggulu dose was less so no result.
Triphala guggulu dose  3gms to 6 gms /day if possible single dose. Along with manjistadi kahaya and talisadi churna parkshaepa.
manjistadi 400 ml add 40 gms of talisadi and dose 10 ml three times. this formula needs gritha in food.

If possible ie change over to paripatadi kashaya or eladyrista / usheerasava.
As h/o indicates interference with rasa upadhatu and also chinta before pregnency. So correct rasa and then rakta.


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