Kitibha kushta

A case of 55yrs old man Itching all over body along with skin lesions all over body. Occupation cloth merchant
Sleep - disturbed due to itching
No scaling
Powder ingredients of skin


Vinaya Ballakur:
This is the season for Vaman. If  patient is balavan it may be the best option for him after snehan with guggulu thikta ghritham.

If Vaman is not possible a mild regular virechana is a must and I have noted that you have given it.

Try avipathikara churna 10 gms at bedtime everyday with warm water for a week to 10 days. It has worked for me.
Guggulu thikta ghritham a teaspoon before every meal.
Guduchi churna ,  a tsf in boiled drinking water 3 litres per day Patient must drink only this water warm for a week . In autoimmune disorders this will help.
Externally you may try Eladi thailam.

Dr Nikhil Jain:
Thank you so much mam....🙏🙏🙏

Guduchi choorna or satva ? Mam

Vinaya Ballakur:

Koti Nagarjuna Vejendla:
Dear dr your case presentation is superb to reduce itching give him rasamanikya Ra's  5 grams with chopachinyadi choorna 60 grams internally , for external application gugulu tikthakam ghritam

60 divided doses mam

It will give fast relief for kapha vataja prakrithi patients mam

Vd ji first do deepana pachana drugs followed by tiktaka ghrita pana
Next virechana
Then after you can give shamana chikitsa

Amragandha haridra(curcuma amada) has best kandugna property and should be given as ahara Dravya in form of chutney etc

Add Tankan along with external applications

Kitibha kusta...

First start sirodhara with ksheerabala it for at least 7 days..

Then Do siravyadhana 60-80ml

Then give light diet and start deepana pachana for at least 3 days..

After that start tiktaka ghrita snehapana

Abhyanga with brihathdanthapala and yastimadhu taila

Virechana...( Trivruth with triphala)

Advise samsarjana krama

After that...
Shaman sneha
Nitya virechana
Arogyavardhini vati

Same abhyanga tailam before bath
Sorion ointment application After bath

Psorolin soap for bathing..

Advise Daily morning walk

Avoid brinjal curd all outside food non veg Jaggery sesame fry items sour items tomato potato pickles

Advise boiled veg curries plenty of buttermilk

If not possible do sodhana...

First do siravyadhana

Then give chitakadi vati and arogyavardhini vati for 3 days..

Then start..
Tiktaka ghrita 1 tsp bd 1 hr before food
Arogyavardhini vati BD
Avipathikara choorna night time for 15 days

Wright oil application
Sorion ointment application

Ksheerabala and brahmi taila application on scalp

After that 1 day abhyanga

Then do virechana ( sadhyovirechana)

Sir why kshirabala taila dhara in this case

10yrs psoriasis history...
Business person

Because of disease history, business stress...and he used all types of allopathy medication but he didn't get mostly he always thinking about disease.....and stress also increases...

May be in psoriasis...main reasons
Stress and tension..

So dis type of chronic psoriasis cases... shirodhar 💯 percent effective

Thats why I suggested dhara

In such condition amalaki takra dhaara also helps a lot. Which reduces anxiety, and if any fungal infection is there even that will be reduced,

I would like to give my suggestion  in this case  - in psoriasis , as said by Dr Vijayalakshmi, takra  dhara  is effective. It will be more beneficial when Aragwadadi  ksheerapakam  converted  to takram  and when that is used for dhara. If helps in alleviating  psoriasis and stress.


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