A case of body Itching and dandruff

Sumalatha Pulibandla:
Gud mng vaidyas pt age 45 female. c/o of total body itching(sever)and raise red spots she used citrizen alter days. but problem re occured she is suffering since 2years , agni is good , vata kapha prakriti. No H/o of DM ,HTN plz suggest treatment above the case

Dr Sridevi C:
Tab Gandhak Rasayan 1tid
Tab Laghu Sootasekhara Rasa 1tid
Panchatikta kashaya

I usually get good results with the above combination

Gandhak Rasayan and Panchatikta from Dhootapapeshwar
Laghu Sootasekhara Rasa from SDM, Udupi

Sumalatha madam...

Continue with Dr.Sridevi Madam Rx

Once check AEC...
if aec raised...add haridhrakhanda..

Avoid brinjal sour items fry items curd sea food..

Daily intake of boiled veg curries.. plenty of buttermilk..

Daily 3 hrs before bath eladi or nalpamaradhi tailam application

Bath with eladi or nalpamaradhi soap..

Kashaiah Vasam:
5year boy. Dundruff devoped after removing hairs looking like infection
Please diagnosis and treatment suggest me vaidyas

Duration is 4month

Yastimadhu taila application
Scurfol shampoo

One day krimisodhini...

One day gap
Then start..
Khadhiraristam and vidangasava mix
Arogyavardhini vati

Sukashanth Padmashali:
Madhusnuhi rasayana is good

For external application kutaja oil mix with tankana....

.s.s Sir:
Tankan Bhasma with Apamarg Thailam for application..
Talakeshwaro Ras 1-1 tab twice daily...

gopi krishna:
Local application of panchavalkala grita

Wash/prakshalan with Triphala kwatha

Orally tg ,  gr

Triphala guggulu,
Gandhaka rasayana

Kutaja taila or sweta kutaja taila (in market as 777 oil, reaearh done in CCras lincened to company)
it is useful in darunaka, and kitibha. (Not useful in patients with h/o of mental stress or excessive sorrow)


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