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A female patient aged 40 yrs .
Had h/o thalassemia .

She is suffering from Ano rectal fistula..before she under gone surgery twice..but still suffering infection and pain in tail bone and buttocks. Now she is on antibiotics.

Any suggestions ?

Tg , gr , talagarbha pottali with panchatikta kwatha anupanam.

Sitz bath in panchavalkala kwatha

Sumalatha Pulibandla:
Gudevening vaidyas pt age 33 yrs/M. he is suffering hair loss patches in head and chin region since 3yrs.kindly suggest suitable treatment

Sumalatha madam...

Maricha or lasuna gharshana
Rajahpravarthana and icchabedhi mix with nimbu juice lepa before bath

After bath kesovin A oil or bringaraja tail application

Nasya with anutaila (alternative days)

Prachanna karma also very effective

Krimihara chikitsa
Gandhaka rasayana

Line of treatment..
Taila thalam
Krimi chikitsa along with gandhaka rasayana

Prachanna also very effective

Diagnosis..indralupta or sureshalupta

Dr Nikhil Jain:
All respected vaidyas....

Please suggest

A 30 yr female patient H/O amenorrhea since 2 month
UPT +ve
Wants ayuvedic treatment .....

What we can give her for गर्भ स्थिरीकरण and to have healthy & fair baby...

Can we do  swarprashan or swarn bhasm ...?what is dose

मसानुमास गर्भिणी परिचर्या &औषध व्यवस्था 🙏

Dr.pradp Noori:
What is the best line of treatment for warts and skin tags ?

Kshara karma , just burn with apamarga kshara etc

Yes I tried apamarga kshara application on warts and it worked very well.Vd.Nori,if you remember you only supplied it to me long back and told me how to use.patient is very happy with the treatment,no recurrence too.


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