Jan 22, 2018

Myopia ayurvedic treatment

Sai Deepthi Ayurveda:
Patient 72years old, diabetic, hypertensive, associated with problems of varicose veins, hypothyroidism and increased value of total cholesterol is complaining of burning sensation at buttocks and gluteal region.  Kindly suggest suitable treatment


Sai Deepthi Ayurveda:
71kgs weight and samaagni sir

Asanadhi Ghana kashayam

Pinda taila application opposite way..

Vinaya Ballakur:
A boy aged 4 years diagnosed with congenital myopia , progressive, glasses prescribed  -7 and -8 lenses. Child otherwise ok.
I have suggested 2.5 ml of mahatriphala ghritha and 250 mg of saptamrita lauha daily until next eye test after  6 months.
The child will have to undergo surgery after a few years . Until then it is important to arrest the progression.
Should I add anything more. Can I advise mahatriphala ghritha as eye drops? Please advise.

Venkatacharya PBA:
@ Dr Vinaya
Continue maha triphala ghrita
Alongwith Saptamritalouha in same dose
Give Swarna bhasma alongwith yasti churnam inwhich Swarnabhasma should be around 10mg a dose you can add some other drugs of netrya
And Akshitarpana with Lodhra ghritam or with Maha Triphala ghritam

Vinaya Ballakur:
Can we do akshitarpana for such a small child. He may not remain still . That is why I asked if we can use mahatriphala ghritha as drops instead?

Venkatacharya PBA:
I think he is four years
He may cooperate
I tried a case of same age he was most cooperative

Otherwise you can go for application like Kajal instead of Drops twice a day

For this better go ghritam because mahatriphala ghritam may contain some very small particles
Like which creat some irritation otherwise you have to go for filter action

Vinaya Ballakur:
Ok. How about jeewanthyadi ghritha also for internal use ?

Venkatacharya PBA:
Better maha triphala ghritam
You can try Yakrit pippali whicb was indicated in Naktandhata I tried this also got some improvement

Jeevantyadi yamakam also can give
Even Amrita prasa ghritam also but my choice is maha triphala ghritam

You can try sudds gandhaka of Kottamalai they supply more than 8times purified 14 times 21 times and more times also just 20 mg dose

.s.s Sir:
Give Saptamrita Lauh 250mg+ Mrigank Ras 25 to 50 mg with mahatriphala Ghrita+ Madhu...
Akshitarpan with lodhra Ghrita

Jan 21, 2018

Case of chronic fatigue syndrome

Sai Deepthi Ayurveda:
A female patient around 40 years age is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (diagnosed by allopathic physician). Kindly suggest suitable treatment respected vaidyas

Dr.pradp Noori:
Dr Nori:
A very good case to think about as the no of these cases are increasing these days .if you see the symptoms of this it is nothing but avruta vata (no confusion ) it can be by ama (kapha)or less chances of pitta .the name syndrome is coined when there is no exact understandable connections with signs or symptoms .the Mordern scientists believe
The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown, although there are many theories — ranging from viral infections to psychological stress. Some experts believe chronic fatigue syndrome might be triggered by a combination of factors.
Signs and symptoms may include:

Loss of memory or concentration
Sore throat
Enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits
Unexplained muscle or joint pain
Unrefreshing sleep
Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise.

(All ama and vata conditions) in ayurveda if you see this is the vata visiation by ama treat like amavata till the ama symptoms are there like sudden weakness stiffness in joint , utsaha hani mentally . No freah feelin after the sleep ect .
here the ama is to be delt first deepana pachana drugs are given with very laghu Ahara which decreases ama .

so we can start with musta and Ardraka water .with shadharana choorna or ajamodadi choorna or Vaishwanar choorna .most of the times this treatment for 7 to 14 days will decrease all the symptoms .

2. Then go for pippali rasayana 1gm with Amlaki rasayana 4 gms twice a day before food .

3.For one month followed by shatavari or aswagandhadi lehyam  it should work fine .
II. IF condition which has pitta visiation also like rash on skin acidity complete sleeplessness then treat as pittavruta vata  +amavata .initially add Guduch or manjista or kokilaksh medicines like amrutottaram kashayam or Kokilaksham kashayam for 7 to 14 days  then do the same treatment of 2nd and 3rd step .
You will get results name fame and money with such cases where other system fails .
See the main dosha present treat it .
As she is 40 years think about menopause also including in your treatment .
Let us know the results if you are treating it .thank you for posting a good case .

Venkatacharya PBA:
Already I suspected that prolly she is suffering with menopausal syndrome
And I want say that in so many cases we cannot wait for diagnosis and assessment of Dosha doosya vivechana and start with symptomatic treatment
And some times we have to take the help of Upasaya and Anupasaya Riga pareekshas of panchanidans
“Ghuda lingam vyadhi upasyaanupasayou pareeksheeta”
I think in this case
We have to start the treatments as per the symptom of fatigue syndrome that may be caused by drastic Dusty kshayam caused by either saaririka or manasika karanas
Some hormonal changes because of Age
Any how I think she needs some good rasayana including medhya
My suggestion is
Mukta Pusti
Pravala pisti
Kukkutandatwak twak Bhasma
Shatavary churna
All mixed given twice a day
Some medhya drugs like Brahmi combination
Evanova caps of charaka pharma which contains Soya is also helpful
She needs some tonics like dasamula Aswagandha
Now a days so many patent medicines are available as rasayana they are also helpful

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Primosa 400mg made by Evening Prime Rose is good.

Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
👌srothorodha balabramsha gowrava anila moodhata alasya apakthi nishteeva malasangha aruchi klamaha. These are the symptoms of Ama in this condotion all the symptoms are there. In Ama lakshana there is bala bramsha, gowrava(heaviness) alasya and klama (feeling tired even without doing work) so fatigue in all variety. So they might have called it fatigue syndrome that is group of fatigue symptoms

Kashaiah Vasam:
This case side effects of modern medicines for long time using its act as poison and no obsorption of nutrients.
So start
Amahara and deepana and pachana treatment.

Padadari treatment


Panchavalkala quath prakshalana..

Jeevantyadhi yamakam application

Triphala guggulu
Arogyavardhini vati

Advise Go ghrita while talking food

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
C/o white patch on skin..since 6months 4years had given vidangasava-10ml  krimikutara rasa 1od..this follow up after 12 days..white patch is persistent..no other symptoms..have advised to avoid leafy vegetable..any other suggestions..

Venkatacharya PBA:
@ Dr Biswanath Dixit
Give him Arogya vardhani vati 
One tab twice regularly 
And sorajthilam external application 
These two should be given for six month you can give   
Either krimimudgararasa or krimikuthara along with kumaryasava
• it is Somaraja thilam

arogyavardhini ras one bid for six months regularly usage, whether it is safe,

Venkatacharya PBA:
Yes Arogya vardhani guti is safe 
In my practice from the last fifty years it my drug of choice for so many problems and proscribe for longer periods particularly in psoriasis like skin problems and liver problems 
The name it self indicates it improves health Arogyavardhani


Thyroid and Kitibha Kushta ( dandruf) treatment

Pantulu Raghupathi:
Thyroid cyst before trtmnt

After treatment
1 month
Added also Kanchanara GUGGULU 1 tab 3 TIMES

Punarnavadi mandooram 1 tab 3 times
Pt had anaemia which was treated with Punarnavadi. Got Hb% increased.

Case Study

Here the GUGGULU is potent anti tumour drug and Punarnavadi is potent anti Anemia so  their  action are  increased or enhanced by these immu and omega.

Venkatacharya PBA:
In children in such conditions explained byVaidya Viddhu generally I dispense
Shadguna rasasindhura alongwith trilateral churna or talisadichurna alongwith MADHU two to three times a day the dose of shadguna is 25mg and talisadi churna 100 mg for the for the age given by you and if Kalgan is more gorochanadi guti add half tab in above
And vasa syrup also good
For children of that age edibility is imp so with MADHU is good and syrup bace vasa is good

Vijaya Rani:
Fe 18 year
Since 3 months
Sevear dandruff on head
Nadi pitta vata
App normal
Bowel normal
No other problems
Plz guide me dr

Kitibha ( psoriasis)

First sodhana...

Deepana pachana (chitrakam)
Snehapana( tiktakam)
Abhyanga ( yastimadhu)
Virechana ( trivruth)

Tiktaka ghrita shamana 1tsp BD before food
Avipathikara choorna After food

Ext.. brihathdanthapala and yastimadhu taila application before bath
Sorion ointment After bath

For head.. yastimadhu taila application
Scurfol shampoo

Advise pathyapathya strictly..

Main treatment nidhana parivarjana

If stress related..
Add relanx ( atrimed)

Relanx or manasamitravati start Madam..

Ksheerabala shirodhar also

Best treatment for cold ,cough,fever in children

Vidya Viddhu:
My Child is 22months  age.. He will be suffering from severe cold..cough with wheezeing for every month.. With fever sometimes.. All the times he will be admitted in hospital with iv antibiotics..

Again aftr discharge..same problem will b repeated aftr 15 days..

So please any dr suggest me..medicines..

Dr Prashanth Bhat:
Give get Bresol syrup ( himalaya)
5ml 3 tines for 12 weeks .
Give A3 forte syrup during infections . A3 should be given at the very onset or purvarupa) stage itself .
Avoid causative factors

Dr.padmavathi vasanth:
Swarna prashana daily to boost immunity
Boiled and  cooled filtered water only to be used
Pinch of turmaric in milk
Syp SEPTILIN 2 ml twice daily
Avoid stored refrigerator iteams for baby

Septilin syrup 1 tsp or 20 drops
Seethophaladhi churnam 1/2 tsp with honey
Zeal kid syrup 1 tsp or 20 drops

Avoid sour cold sweet items

gopi krishna:
Mallagarbha pottali/Mallasindoora with dashamoola kwatha anupanam.

If fever is persisting and chronic then drug of choice is jaimangal ras.
Maintain this forone to two  months with at least 1 od dose .

Hastapada abhyanga daily with coconut oil at bed time

Dr.pradp Noori:
A child of 22 months is a kapha prakruti and vikara is kapha vriddhi .you need to think about two things 1. Agni appetite : is he not taking proper food or if he is taking food but it is not getting digested.
2. Allergic to certain type of foods .
1 is a kapha vikara 
2 is kapha pitta vikara.
You need to see the nidana panchakarma carefully specially upashaya and anupashaya  .remove all the heavy (for digestion ) diets like curds coconut banana baked items .protect his feet and head in  cold temperatures. And give this mixture SITOMIX 
Sitopaladi choorna 60gms 
Vasa 10gms
Tankan bhasma 5gms
Abhraka bhasma 5gms
Praval pisti 2.5 gms 
Trikatu 5gms 
Sameerpannag ras 2.5 gms .
Make a super fine powers grinding from the reverse order ie starting with Sameerpannag ras (super fine ) add and mix one by one .last add sitopaladi choorna. This mixture is for 90 doses .1gm perdose morning with ghee 
Afternoon 1g with honey and night 1gm with honey 3ml and ginger juice 2ml ( before food preferable . In this month avoid high kapha diet like chocolate and pitta visiating  diet like baking foods like cakes and soda . And in pushyami tithi swarna prasha . 
You need to do this till summer starts .

This mixture gave me good name. This is best for all including adults only dosage increases.ref vd Prabhakaran sir

Swati Totla:
Yashti 1/2 tsf +tulasi leaves 5-7+1 crushed clove +2 crushed black pepper +ginger small piece +dalchini small piece (crushed) and boil all this in 250 ml water for 5-7 mins filter and give warm to drink for whole day

If dry cough or sore throat is there, you can add honey in cold decoction

Vinaya Ballakur:
👍 🙏Nori Garu.
In such cases I advice swarasa of karpuravalli or vaamaku as it's called in Telugu. 
It's safe and effective. In fact I advice parents with young children to keep this plant at home and give in acute conditions.
During symptom free period efforts must be towards building immunity. Septilin syrup regularly in low doses works. If child has poor nutritional status Balamrutham is the best to give. I give it generally for a period of 3-6 months.


Discussions on kawasaki disease

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Namaste vaidyas, my daughter is 3 years old and 2 days back, she developed fever, rashes, redness of tongue. And allopathic physicians diagnosed her as kawasaki disease. Please I need your inputs to treat her .

Madam ..first take ecg..

No problem with Kawasaki... purely raktha dhatu and pitta dosha vitiation...stop all pitta vridhi Kara ahara..
Start immunocin syp along with allopathy Medication

First take ECG...

Dr Rashmi Patil:
Echo is normal sir. No problem sir. Thank you sir

gopi krishna:
Viral fever , treat her with jaimangal ras , Mrityunjaya ras Aarogyavardhini ras.
Pravalagarbha pottali with indukantha anupanam.

Vd. Uday Patil:
Madam pls see d hetu /brief history behind this in such a young kid of just 3 yrs. You may get a proper diagnosis & further treatment guidelines.
This could be vitiation of pitta dosh, but d hetus (root causes) behind (may be pre-conceptional) will provide long term treatment plan

Swati Totla:
Add gulvel satva + गुलकंद in all above medicine for long term use or sanshamani vati (guduchi ghanavati)

Amritarishta also works very well

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
5years kid with white patch on his face since 2-3 months no kandu.have given krimikutara rasa .any other medication kindly suggest.

Continue krimikutara
Add vidanga asava or Arista at least 10 days

External eladi taila application

Avoid chocolates outside food..

gopi krishna:
Krumikuthar , Gandhaka rasayana , external application of Gandhaka+karpura

Dr.Shyam Kushalnagar: for white patch on face
Thin application of shankha bhasma with lime juice for 5_8days

Discussions on vipadika

Vaipadika..13 yr child suffering on palms n feet

Jeevantyadhi yamakam application

What about Agni mala


If Agni is good start
Tiktaka ghrita capsules 1 BD 1 hr before food
Arogyavardhini 1 BD After food

gopi krishna:
External application of panchavalkala grita can be given in vipadika

Pravalagarbha pottali with panchatikta kwatha / grita anupanam.
Aarogyavardhini ras.

.s.s Sir:
Rost Triphala choorna in Sarshap thailam and grind to make paste .. apply .. every night for one month...

Dr.Shyam Kushalnagar:
GRITHA prepared of yashti and bimbi fruit works excellently

Jan 1, 2018

Discussions on 1st jan 2018 abscess on monspubis

Dr Sridevi C:
Dear Vaidyas, wanted your valuable suggestions on a case.
Female patient aged 22 years. History given by her mother. Pt not yet seen by me.
C/O boil on mons pubis near the fold. Sometimes hard. Appears before menstrual cycle. Patient visited many allopathic doctors and has also undergone I/D. Has taken even Homoeopathic. But no relief. 2 years Earlier used to have acne problem too. Now acne reduced. The abscess? is very painful and patient finds it difficult to even walk.
I gave her
Avipattikar churna, Gandhak Rasayan and Panchatikta kashaya.
Yesterday patient mom called and said that the pt getting acne problem again.

Kindly advise

Start panchanimbadhi vati


Dr Manik Dixit:
Manjishtadi kashayam.
Guggul panchapala churnam
Kaishor guggul tablets
Local hygeine.

Vd. Uday Patil:
Do Raktamokshan. Siravyadh from Rt Cubital fossa / Jalauka locally

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Lok Sabha Passes Bill Allowing Ayurveda, Homeopathy Doctors to Practice Allopathy



New Delhi: Doctors pursuing Indian systems of medicine, including Ayurveda, and homoeopathy may be allowed to practice allopathy after clearing a bridge course, according to a Bill introduced in the Lok Sabha.

The National Medical Commission Bill, 2017, which seeks to replace the existing apex medical education regulator, the Medical Council of India (MCI), with a new body, was moved by the government in the house on Friday.

Clause 49 of the Bill calls for a joint sitting of the National Medical Commission, the Central Council of Homoeopathy and the Central Council of Indian Medicine at least once a year “to enhance the interface between homoeopathy, Indian Systems of Medicine and modern systems of medicine”.

It has also proposed that specific educational modules or programmes for developing bridges across the various systems of medicine and promotion of medical pluralism, can be done with the approval of all the members present in the joint sitting.

“The joint sitting, may, by an affirmative vote of all members present and voting, decide on approving specific bridge course that may be introduced for the practitioners of Homeopathy and of Indian Systems of Medicine to enable them to prescribe such modern medicine at such level as may be prescribed,” according to the Bill.

It provides for the constitution of four autonomous boards entrusted with conducting undergraduate and postgraduate education, assessment and rating of medical institutions and registration of practitioners under the National Medical Commission.

The commission will have a government-nominated chairman and members, and the board members will be selected by a search committee under the Cabinet Secretary, it says. A 25-member commission will replace the elected MCI, the Bill says.

The proposed measure has been strongly opposed by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) which claimed that it will “cripple” the functioning of the medical profession by making it completely answerable to the bureaucracy and non-medical administrators.

“Regulators need to have an autonomy and be independent of the administrators. The National Medical Commission will be a regulator appointed by the administrators under their direct control,” IMA’s president K.K. Aggarwal said.

The Bill also proposes a common entrance exam and licentiate (exit) exam which all medical graduates will have to clear to get practising licences. The licentiate (exit) examination will have to be conducted within three years after the parliament passes it.

A medical advisory council, including one member representing each state and Union territory (vice-chancellors in both cases), the chairman, University Grants Commission, and the director of the National Accreditation and Assessment Council will make recommendations to the NMC.

No permission would be needed to add new seats or to start post-graduate courses, it says.

The Bill is aimed at bringing reforms in the medical education sector which has been under scrutiny for corruption and unethical practices, a senior health ministry official said.

Discussions on 28th December 2017


A female patient aged 40 yrs .
Had h/o thalassemia .

She is suffering from Ano rectal fistula..before she under gone surgery twice..but still suffering infection and pain in tail bone and buttocks. Now she is on antibiotics.

Any suggestions ?

Tg , gr , talagarbha pottali with panchatikta kwatha anupanam.

Sitz bath in panchavalkala kwatha

Sumalatha Pulibandla:
Gudevening vaidyas pt age 33 yrs/M. he is suffering hair loss patches in head and chin region since 3yrs.kindly suggest suitable treatment

Sumalatha madam...

Maricha or lasuna gharshana
Rajahpravarthana and icchabedhi mix with nimbu juice lepa before bath

After bath kesovin A oil or bringaraja tail application

Nasya with anutaila (alternative days)

Prachanna karma also very effective

Krimihara chikitsa
Gandhaka rasayana

Line of treatment..
Taila thalam
Krimi chikitsa along with gandhaka rasayana

Prachanna also very effective

Diagnosis..indralupta or sureshalupta

Dr Nikhil Jain:
All respected vaidyas....

Please suggest

A 30 yr female patient H/O amenorrhea since 2 month
UPT +ve
Wants ayuvedic treatment .....

What we can give her for गर्भ स्थिरीकरण and to have healthy & fair baby...

Can we do  swarprashan or swarn bhasm ...?what is dose

मसानुमास गर्भिणी परिचर्या &औषध व्यवस्था 🙏

Dr.pradp Noori:
What is the best line of treatment for warts and skin tags ?

Kshara karma , just burn with apamarga kshara etc

Yes I tried apamarga kshara application on warts and it worked very well.Vd.Nori,if you remember you only supplied it to me long back and told me how to use.patient is very happy with the treatment,no recurrence too.

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