Discussions on 30th November 2017

gopi krishna:
Dear doctors ,
I am planning for  2 days workshop in clinical Rasashastra at my clinic by January or February 2018 at Bellary -Karnataka.
What all topics to be included in the seminar , kindly put your suggestions .

Sai Deepthi Ayurveda:
Can any one suggest me common medication for high blood pressure and dosage? How to deal with low blood pressure?

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Essential Hypertension what ever cause give Mukta vati Patanjali .

Along with BILVA churna .

Punarnava Mandur.

Sai Deepthi Ayurveda:
Kindly suggest any other company medication other than patanjali sir

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Low BP give Vishmusti tab.

Sai Deepthi Ayurveda:
I am thinking of putting some medicines as a stock at clinic sir. So kindly suggest me the medicines I need to get for hypertension

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Sarpagandgha tab of IMPCOPS is good dispensing.

Anitha Pasupuleti:
Hello vaidyas,
We saw a patient to day.
Pt name:Saraswathi
Age : 30
C/O : Varicose veins in both lower limbs since 4 yrs when she was pregnant.

Present condition: she does not have any itching or ulcer kind of issues , complaining of  only pain in both legs when she stand for long time .

Pls suggest ur treatment options .

Dr.pradp Noori:
A girl of 16yrs looks normal .
Agni mala mootra jihwa nidra netra are looking normal but has white patch of 3x2 inches on back and white HYPOpigmented patches on her leg and hand near figer nails . Thought it was leucoderma. hair in the white spot is white .
Please discuss

.s.s Sir:
Loknath Ras+ Saindhav Lavan with Tambool Swaras in the morning..
Kanchnar Guggulu2-2 tid..
Shuddha kuchla tid..

Dr.pradp Noori:
Dr Nori:
This is a case of obstruction in vatamovement by kapha (a srotovikara) in adharangasthana . We can go for a guggulu preparation like Triodasanga guggulu with Sahacharadi kashayam or guggulu tiktaka kashayam .with snehana sahacharadi 14 .
External with Sahacharadi tailam and muruvenna .
This is for 20 days

Do siravyadhana...

Sahacharadhi pinda opposite way massage


Foot elevation
Varicose Sox

Kilasa or switra..

Bakuchi ext and int...


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