Allergy treatment

Psoriasis 90% cases...ruksha type...it can be correlated with kitibha kusta... syavakinkharasparsham...

Treatment always snigdha type external and internal..

First identify the nidhana

Virudha ahara...kusta
Manasika aspect(vihara)
Unknown cause(papa karma)

Virechana.. rasayana

What is allergy
Is it kapha
Or pitta or vata


Allergic dermatitis ( vicharchika)

Mainly in allergic cases 3 dosas are involved..it may be external or internal..

External factors some times leads to allergic reaction...

Internal factors some times leads to allergic reaction..( involvement of Agni)

In both cases 3 dosas are involved..but according to nidana .. lakshana.. prodominent dosa can be assessed...

According to dosa involvement we can treatment accordingly..

If we treat any allergic reaction...

2.predominent dosa involvement (depends on nidana and lakshana)
4.involvement of rasa raktha dathu

First line of treatment...
Nidhana parivarjana
If Agni involvement... correction of Agni
Treat the predominant dosa

Root cause of allergy is neither pitta, nor kapha nor vata. Infact 3 dosha prakopa could be seen .but underlying cause is rakta dusti by visha. Dooshi visha based on it's site of sthana samshraya produces different manifestations. Allergic reactions produces hike in eosinophils.  Y??? Eosinophil hike indicates there is defence actions against some thing which is causing threat to defence.  Ojas is weakend by visha so as in allergic diseases. Allergic rhinitis, asthma etc are visha in rakta going to amashaya and disturbing prana vata- vata kapha type. Allergic dermatitis is visha in rakta taking tiryaka marga going to tvak - tridosha usually. Lactose intollerence is visha in rakta going to pakvashaya resulting in vata pitta  imbalance. So, tretament principle is always visha shamana and rakta prasadana and later stages ojasya to restore immunity.
Pancha tikta kashya which is tikta rasa also acts as visha shamana works at tvak - allergic dermatitis. Even it works well in allergic dermatitis etc vilwadi tablet too.  Some other medicines like shirisharista good visha shamana works at amashaya level- asthma and rhinitis .  In hese we need to keep good pathya - avoid abhishyandhis... None of these require Shodhana rather we should NOT post for Shodhana as ojas is imbalanced initially. If we concentrate on name of vyadhi  and treat we end up in momentary relief or sometimes no results. We we tret the cause that is visha in this case, we get maximum , if good pathya followed complete relief is possible.

What is treatment of calcaneum spur

Kottamchukkadhi murivenna pinda mix bandhana...
Salt water soaking

Agni karma gives best result
And vata hara treatment


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