Nov 20, 2017

Online discussions on 1st November 2017

Good morning gurus...

Keloid treatment???
Internal and external Medication??

29 yrs female

Big size keloids on chest region and shoulder region..size increases day by day madam..she consulted all allopathy homeo she came to Ayurveda...

Actually dermatologist was given local injection..after that it became wound..pus also coming from that region...

Today I given kanchanara guggulu
Arogyavardhini vati
Nimbadhi kashayam tablet for 5 days...

Please suggest the treatment..after 5 days she will come...

Dr Sridevi C:
Dear vaidyas
Kindly advise line of treatment for Subserous uterine fibroid-3.5CM
Patient age-38
Menstrual history-N
No symptoms. Fibroid identified on routine USG.

Another case for expert advise please.
Renal calculus since 2 years. Pt female, aged 41years.
Symptoms occasionally seen like pain in loin and groin. Sometimes burning micturition
Prakruti- Vata pitta
On pathya already

.s.s Sir:
Give Gokshuru+ Pasahanbhed powder..
Gokshuradi Guggulu
2-2 tab. Tid....
Varunadi kashaya + ghee in the morning...

Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
Any proven Rx for High Creatinine levels...around 11.5 with Renal HTN....?

.s.s Sir:
Ghee 5 grams

Dr Rudreswara M.D:
Vasanth kusumakar ras can be given

Stonex ( Bal vedics)
Brihatyadhi kasayam...

Continue pathya...

Brihatyadhi kasayam

Along with allopathy medication...

Mostly subserous( non cancerous) fibroids are small and do not cause any problems. 

Kanchanara varuna(depends on pt weight) arogyavardhini very effective Madam..

Punarnava preferably sweta .Neeri KFT from AIMIL . can be added .

.s.s Sir:
YavKshara with dudhi kashaya in the morning

Dr Manik Dixit:
Presenting the progress in a case of burns( Dagdha vrana)
An 8 month old baby suffered with burns on both legs in a fire accident.
She was being treated at Gandhi Hospital and after one month of follow up the docs there suggested for skin graft, as there was no progress.
The baby was brought to my clinic by the  caretakers, who stay in a slum near my clinic.
The baby was very weak , but with the grace of my Guru, I felt like taking up the treatment for the baby, who was in such a bad shape and was so weak that she couldn't even cry properly.
I started with dagdha vrana prakshalan with trifla + dashamool + panchavalkal kashayam.
Initially was applying jatyadi ghritam muhurmuhu.
Later as the vrana healed, we were doing prakshalana only and stopped everything else.
During the entire period of about 4 months, no oral medicine was used, except antibiotics, couple of times for fever with URTI.
The caretaker ( mother of the baby had expired in the fire accident) was counselled about the necessity of nutrition and proper feeding, so that the baby's general condition improves.
The baby now at the age of 1 year and two months is standing without support and trying to walk.

.s.s Sir:
150mg and 50ml


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