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Respected vaidyas. Pregenent lady aged 25 yrs has BP150/90. Wt. 71kgs. She is running in 8th week. Lft normal, tsh 3.75 lipoprotein test is normal. Hb 12gms appetite and bowel movements are normal. Urine pus cells and bacteria +but c&s does not show any infection. What treatment can be given to control BP. In pregnancy

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Gokshuru kada along with punarnava Mandur.

Mukta vati  (patanjali).1×2

Dr.Madhavi Rao:
Dear vaidyas! Any success stories of aamavata? What are the pt feed backs...where they are following or not following the advises?please enlighten me in detail! Thanks duration of the Rx......pathya pathya...

Vinaya Ballakur:
Please can anyone suggest me a good book on garbhini paricharya and garbha sanskar in English?

Dipak Magdum:
45yrs female having this problem since 5to 6yrs.. She tried all pathy.. She is having severe itching in that region

Alsoc/o -
Netra araktvranata
Sarvang ushnasparsh
Bad odour in urine
Mala- sama

Vinaya Ballakur:
Kandu kapha nanatmaja vikara
Reddish raised lesions indicates pitta involvement

Dr Manik Dixit:
Nidaan could be allergy to hair dye.

As seen from the image, the hair close to the scalp is grey.
The patient might be using hair dye.
If the skin condition triggered in forties, obviously seems to be an allergy.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Dietary habits?water intake? Also, whether pramehi?

Vicharchika..allergic dermatitis...
Mostly symptoms wise involvement of pitta...pitta samana chikitsa is required..


External eladi taila application

Nidana parivarjana
Advise pathyapathya

Eladi taila for itching... external application..

Intrernally pitta shamana chikitsa..

Vinaya Ballakur:
Eladi Thaila is vata kapha shamana so useful in dry itching ( rukshata and kandu).
useful in daha  too if it is coconut oil based.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Treated this case for 6 months
Once in 49 days changed the medicines. Total medicines used in 6 months....

CP vati
Gokshuradi Guggulu
SWARNA vanga
Triphala Guggulu

And cystone

Mamata Bhagwat:
Please not the below mentioned possibilities in the case...

1. Please elicit the blood sugar levels and lipid levels.
It could even be Prameha pidaka. Asymptomatic prameha.. expressed with complications..

2. Careful observation of the lesions reveal that.. the hair follicles are the affected areas.. Folliculitis
Low immune conditions.. Balakshaya dhatukshaya lakshana with Pandu, Shweta pradara, .... Alaji a kshudra kapha pitta roga... due to fungal infection.

3. Please elicit long term medication history like ecosprin/ amlodipin/ nsaid like Ibuprofen.

Raktashodhana, followed by rakta shamana.. pitta shamaka chikitsa required. Avoid excess salt, any vidahi ahara strictly.

Succesful case study

Pt age 43..

K/c/o diabetic..
Under allopathy medication..
Controlled..hba1c 6...

Complaints... daily 6 to 7 times incomplete defecation..pain full...
Sine 2 yrs..

Shiv gulika 1od empty stomach
Bilwa majja churna  1tsp BD with buttermilk

Daily 2 times free motion...
No pain

Continue same Medication
Added amydio forte syp.1tsp BD..
Review after one month

Dipak Magdum:
Role of bilwa majja


Dr.Vijaya Palathadka:
Thank you vd sureshji. Your prescription has given wonderful results. I have prescribed this and asked to check BP ಫಾರ್ three days second day BP was 125/94 next day that is after fourth dose of medicine BP is 110/65. For how many days should i continue this medicine. Please advice.

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Gradually stop muktavati Contd  other as Gokshuru & Punarnava are indicated in Garbhini parichaya in 7 -8  months start Sukumara gritham/Badam oil in last month for normal delivery also.

Follow the Masa anumasika Garbhini parichaya.

gopi krishna:
Jaimangal ras With indukantha kashaya anupanam

Mrityunjaya ras
Aarogyavardhini ras.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:

Emailing Govani_14th_Week-03-11-2017-English.pdf

gopi krishna:

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Neurological and Orthopedic Tests :

Brudzinski Test - nerve root involvement associated with meningeal irritation

Fabere/Patrick Test - sacroiliac joint, low lumbar dysfunction and hip dysfunction

Fadir Test - sacroiliac joint and/or lumbar dysfunction and hip dysfunction

Thomas Test - fixed flexion contracture of the hip

Squat Test - dysfunction of the peripheral joints

Yeoman Test - lumbar dysfunction and sacroiliac dysfunction

Pheasant Test - unstable spinal segment

Schober Test - flexion occurring in the lumbar spine

Weight Shift Test - muscle guarding and muscle spasm

Flip Test - low lumbar spine dysfunction

Slump Test - thecal or intrathecal pathology

Naffziger Test - intrathecal pathology

Milgram Test - thecal,intrathecal or extrathecal pathology

Kerning Test - meningeal irritation, nerve root involvement or irritation of the dural coverings of the nerve root

Prone Knee Bending Test - L2 - L3 nerve root lesion and tight quadriceps muscles

Femoral Nerve Stretch Test - femoral nerve entrapment

Sciatic Tension Test - pressure or tension on the sciatic nerve

Bowstring/Cram Test - tension or pressure on the sciatic nerve

Sciatic Nerve Test - inflammation of the sciatic nerve

Nachlas Test - sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Straight Leg Raising Test - sciatic nerve irritation

Well Leg Straight Leg Raising Test - nerve root compression or a herniated disc in the lumbar spine

Sitting Straight Leg Raising Test - sciatic nerve irritation

Lasegue Test - sciatic nerve irritation

Braggard Test - sciatic radiculopathy

Buckling Test - sciatic radiculopathy

Goldthwaith Test - sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sciatic radiculopathy

Minor Test - sciatic radiculopathy

Turyn Test - sciatic radiculopathy

Sicard Test - sciatic radiculopathy

Fajersztajin Test - ruptured disc in the lumbar spine

McKenzie Side Glide Test - disc lesion in the lumbar spine

Bechterew Test - disc involvement in the lumbar spine

Compression Test - narrowing of the neural foramina or pressure on the facet joints

Valsalva Test - thecal or intrathecal pathology

Distraction Test - spinal nerve root compression

Heel Walking Test - involvement of L4 - L5 nerve roots

Toe Walking Test - involvement of S1 - S2 nerve roots

Piriformis Test - piriformis syndrome

Freiberg Test - Piriformis syndrome

Piriformis Tightness Test - tightness of the piriformis muscles

Pace Test - piriformis syndrome

Abdominal Reflex Test - UMN lesion and LMN lesion at T7 - T10 & T10 - L1

Cremasteric Reflex Test - UMN lesion and LMN lesion between L1 and L2

Knee Reflex Test - L4 neurologic level dysfunction

Ankle Reflex Test - S1 neurologic level dysfunction

Babinski Reflex Test - UMN lesion

Chaddock Test - UMN lesion

Rossolimo Test - UMN lesion

Oppenheim Test - UMN lesion


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