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Discussions on 24th October 2017

Dr.pradp Noori:
Dr Nori:
From today continueing the daily activities and postings we are starting a tatvidya sambhasha: on a common problem it's mordern nidana samprapti pathology line of treatment with chikitsa Sootra. This is not just text but it should be practical and applied ayurveda. Sharing your doubts your experence successful case bad experience everything and any thing .requesting all to participate in this movement.gurus sirs students all who think that they are living ayurveda or want to live ayurved  should involve .atleast a doubt or question. It will lighten up every ayurvedic doctor's life .
Thank you
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CD 1 :Discussion :What is the best line of treatment for Sandhivata .a very common problem now a days .

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
1)Snehana (Bahya or Abhyantara)
3)Shoolagna (which is very much required for patients who approach Ayurvedic Dr's when fed up with allopathic medicines)

Dr.pradp Noori:
To all gurus and vaidyas. what are your experence and treatments in sandhivata.

How do you diagnose a sandhi vata pt ?
How do you know wether it is
Amaja niramaja paka ?
What is your favorite for reducing pain ?

Rishi Vashishth:
हन्ति सन्धिगतः सन्धीन् शूलाटोपौ करोति च Ma. Ni||२१||

hanti here refers to destruction or degenerative changes... so this is the pathological  aspect

shula and atop refers to pain and crepitus respectively.... the clinical findings

when a patient presents with such a complain along with duration,  we get into its history with a mnemonic formula SOCRATES.....  Site,  Onset, Character,  Radiation,  Association,  Time,  Exacerbating and alleviating factors and Severity

then treatment  varies between amaj niramaj as well as sthul dehi and krisha dehi

Rishi Vashishth:
i would like to know views of. our senior vaidyas on diagnosing amaj and niramaj

Mainly in females ....
Menopausal condition..90% ladies stuffer with knee joint pain..main reason because of less calcium..

Few cases I treated

Case1 female 58...knee joint pain (started after menopause) lakshadhi guggulu or reosteo or prontobon..

Rasnaerandadhi kashayam and sahacharadhi kashayam mix

External murivenna and sahacharadhi mix

If any swelling condition kottamchukkadhi lepa or dasangalepa very effective..

Mainly in males..main cause obesity more work..excess standing..more intake of fry items..

Case 2..make 43..94 kg weight..

Knee joint pain..

Treatment.. varunadhi kashayam
Maharasnadhi kashayam mix
Amrutha guggulu

External.. murivenna and karpooradhi application

Case3...male 60..he don't want to take Ayurveda medicine..

Local abhyanga..pps
Local abhyanga..steam...janu basti..

Ama...nirama....mainly depends on kapha...

Ajeerna Agni mandhya vibandha.. associated with shoola...

Now examination is required..only pain or associated with swelling and stiffness..

See.  Only pain ...purely vata..but sthana is kapha...if kapha also vitiated means now patient complaints stiffness and swelling..

Only pain purely Kapha..

Swelling pain local temperature raised..v p k...

According to dosa...we have to plan proper treatment..but Concentrate on kostagni( I mean agnimandhya vibandha)..

For example. Sandhi shoola associated with sotha as well as vibandha Agni mandhya...

Now first treatment to Agni
Then shoola sotha...

Best selection.. rasnaerandadhi..shoola shota hara..mild rechaka..

As well as..sotha with shoola...upanaha or lepa gives effective result ..dasangalepa kottamchukkadhi.. sotha shoola hara..

In old age...mainly if u give plain rasna also.. patient feels more happy... external any oil murivenna sahacharadhi...

Conclusion...don't think about disease name and according to disease selection of drug..

Shoola vaata

Correction of Agni..

Pure vaata..rasnam
Pure vaata kapha pitta..rasna erandadhi with dasamoola kashayam
Only sotha..dasamoola along with punarnava or sahacharadhi..

In sandhi vata..


According to condition

Plain vaata.. murivenna with sahacharadhi
Vata with kapha..
Karpooradhi murivenna kottamchukkadhi

Vata pitta kapha.. murivenna pinda karpoora..

Pitta..chandanadhi.. balaswagandha..pinda

Kapha.. karpooradhi
Lepa or upanaha..


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