discussions on 9th October 2017

Prachi Parekh:
I was also having one patient of uterine prolapse..I was using changeri ghruta anuvsan n dashmool erandmool niruha basti..Then changri ghruta pichu for 1 month along with some yogasana n kegels exercise she is having good relief now

Vinaya Ballakur:
Thanks Dr. Utkarsh Arya and
Dr.Prachi Parekh for the feedback on Changeri ghritham in uterine prolapse.

Swathi Tumma:
Namaste gurus
One of my friend was affected with dengue fever and plateletcount gradually reduced to 50,000
After contacting me i suggested 60ml papaya leaf swarasam 60ml and in 3 days it treached to 1.5 lakhs
Thanku vaidhyas

But still the fever is persistant and body is full of reddish rashes
So pls guide me how to proceed further

Why at bed time ?? Dr can u pls clarify? If it is for apana , it should have been before food. If it is given as shamana sneha - it should have been ananna kala again ..night is sheeta and gheee at night / any guru aharas like milk products could be given at night ??

Vinaya Ballakur:
Because it causes evacuation after 6-8 hours. If given before food , as I have in some cases at 7 pm , was found to interfere with sleep.

Also I may add that it is deepaka, pachaka advised in grahani , the composotion is not guru unlike otherghrithas.

Again as with every drug the prakriti etc.will have to be assessed. But this is one ghritha that is fine even in saama conditions .

Venkatacharya PBA:
Ghritam tie achha. Ghritam is pittasamaka but jathragni pradeeptikara

Vinaya Ballakur:
Yes guruji .Also sanskaranuvartani. The composition consisting of deepaka drugs can only become more effective deepaka in ghrita formulation

Pitta and rakta shamaka chikitsa will help. The rashes might be purpura which will gradually subside. Ushira, chandana, amrita, sariva as the drugs suitable. If saama lakshanas are not there panchagavya ghritha may be started .amritarishta and ushirasava , sutashekar ras may be considered.


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