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डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
You should take vaccine as if rabies affects, no one can save you.

I had heard about a old aged female (died few years back) of West Bengal, famous in her village for distribution of medicine for prevention from Rabies after dog bite. I tried my best to find out the name of the drug and got it as Krishna Dhattura from her one of the family member, who is also a BAMS. But I am not sure that whether he was right. Another fact is that, there is no any research regarding this. So better to go for vaccination.

सर्वमन्यत् परित्यज्य शरीरमनुपालयेत्।

Venkatacharya PBA:
No every dog bite will not leads to rabies you have to observe.the dog that is not possible on stray dogs only possible in pet dogs generally we take care of them and administer vaccine in time
We can't take risk of life and whether the vaccine works or not they are it depends on condition but we have to go for them as internationally they are advised in Ayurveda till now no medicine is established even though refs are there in susruta some successful. Management. Is tried in kerela in Vista chikitsa particularly in snake poison lot of follow-up research is to be done with the assistance of modern researchers
And presently we can try ksharagadam of susruta bilvadiguti and some vishadrayslike dattura sirisa etc which are not more poisionus as supportive

gopi krishna:
Supportive to neutralise toxins , very few people get rabis even after being vaccinated with h/o dog bite , in such cases these medicines are benefited and very supportive, presently I am trying a similar case of rabis pt + ve , now it's - ve , serologically .but pt landed in Rabis encephalopathy and I am treating him still.

About this case I am presenting in next week at a national seminar at Maharashtra where I am a resource person.

Purnendu Mehta:
Rig is the best option in rabis affected dog .ing is given at the site of bite. When it is confermed 100% rabis dog .
Camrab is rig given sc at the site of bite .I prefer human vaxin. Instead of equine.
I have given humen rig three times in my 10 year practice.
All are alive till date😁 and it was 100% rabis bite.
I use to tell patient to apply chili powder washing the wound .

Kashaiah Vasam:
In real case
One my sinior DG specialist and her husband good ayurvedic practioner
Her 2nd doughter they follow immunization only ayurvedic according to our classical and they strongly refused to giving modern immunization after 15month child attacks rebella then child died.

If they also follow immunization schudel  (modern) prevent the rubella and child is survived

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Patient aged 69 years presently having fever & previously had U TI is thin built

Proteinura ++ patient having tiredness++ before onset of jwara laxana

Nidra viparyaya present++ trying to correct it

Should be treated on lines of krisha pramehi?kindly suggest

Hello vaidyas.is anybody preparing mooshika tailam in their clinic.i have a patient of uterine prolapse,2nd degree.any suggestions regarding this?

Vinaya Ballakur:
In rectal prolapse have used changeri ghtitha internally and externally with satisfactory results. You may try it in uterine prolapse by suggesting pichu and internally also one tsf at bedtime

Dr,Dilkhush (DK) Tamboli:
Use another option...Like..
Gauva leaves siddha tail
Or samanga ghrit etc.....

Venkatacharya PBA:
Pt. Is madhumehi and treatment. a proccordingly protein loss
advised thorough checkup of fasting and postlunch sugarlevrls renal profile advised

As per reports. The average. Blood sugar level is high other renaltests are normal so you have to bring sugar levels to normal plan for it

And fever is because  of urine infection and I think simple Chandraprabhavati is sufficient but treatment for Madhumeha is to be planned. Pl check any treatment. Is goingon. Otherwise. It has to be planned


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