Sep 12, 2017

Discussions on 7th September 2017

Bharat Divate:
Vaisnavi rasa ? Never heard about it sir...What's the ref

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Reference is vaidyachintamani I believe. Indicated in all types of jwara as far as I remember. We are regularly using it in all high grade pyrexias to give immediate symptomatic relief.

DrSavita Wali:
Good afternoon vaidyas....
Plz let me know the treatment and medications for tennis bone

Tennis elbow?

DrSavita Wali:
S..sorry tennis elbow..

1.Rasnasaptaka ks
2.Gandhatailam capsules
3.Trayodashang guggulu
4.Mahavishagarbhatailam,ext application

Depends on intensity of pain.15days to 1month

Discussions on 6th September 2017

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit:
Patient aged 7years having fever since Friday. Had come to clinic yesterday had  started with amritarishta & MSG .

Temperature- not decreased

Gufic imunocin syp very effective in jwara sir...

Even for primary lymphadenopathy cases also very well responded with this product. One of my favorite product

Yes madam... very good product..

Any infection... like respiratory..lymph..fever... decrease platelet...


gopi krishna:
Mrityunjaya ras
Aarogyavardhini ras.

If not responding and persist with high temp , then start jaimangal ras .

Most popular and effective trio in management of fevers in paediatric practice
Mrutyunjaya ras
Ananda bhairavi
Tribhuvankeerti ras

.s.s Sir:
Only Vaishnavi Ras 1-1 tab.  Four times daily is more than enough...

Vinaya Ballakur:
In what type of jwara is Vaishnavi ras  indicated Sharmaji ?

.s.s Sir:
In Sannipataj Jwara with different Anupan u can use

Kashaiah Vasam:
My own experiance I had fever signs (viral) weakness. Iam not use paracetamol then I started tablets Giloy (pathajali) 4tab Qid 5days my illness is cured .

Contain only single drug guduci

Discussions on 1st September 2017

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Dr.Nageswara Rao.V:

Ayurveda the indian  traditional medicine is not having govt. encouragement in some sectors. Associations should attempt sincere efforts to introduce AYURVEDIC system in  following Programmes.

AYURVEDA system should includes in  National programmes then only Our system will be enlighted.


1.National Breastfeeding Promotion Programme:  started in 2015 by central Govt.
to ensure adequate awareness is generated among masses, especially mothers, on the benefits of breastfeeding this programme is only for awareness creation.

Inclusion of  Galactagogue AYURVEDIC drugs in  MAA (mothers’ Absolute Affection) Programme.

2.Antinatal care:
Ayurvedic haematinics like purnarnava  mandoor to pregnant women  instead of Iron Tab.
it has no side effects.
CCRAS conducted Extensive study on Purnarnava mandur.

SWARMA prashana
It acts as AYURVEDIC vaccination ,memory enhancer , Immunology modulator,Improves general strength etc
to the children. Allopathy vaccines prevent only specific disease eg: polio vaccine preVent only polio disease. SWARNA PRASHANA give non specific Immunity to the children by improving natural Immunity ,which prevent most of the diseases caused by common viral and bacterial infections.
4.deworming programme : Replace albendazole with krindiki thara ras or krimudgar ras.
5.National TB Control:
Anti TB drugs with AYURVEDIC Immunology modulators Gives Good results and minimise the spreading of MDR TB.

6.AIDS Control: AYURVEDIC Immuno Modulators and Antivirals,rasayana drugs to HIV positive patients or AIDS Patients.
Like this there are so many feilds to be filled with AYURVEDA.

7.Non communicable diseases.NCD'S: National Health Mission spending millions of rupees to control NCD's.
Ayurveda system has potential management system to control NCD's
But Govt is not utilising our SYSTEM.

8.Geriatric care: Ayurveda 
Has seperate Branch for of age problems and it has wonderful treatments  to combat Diseases which are common in old age like Arthritis,  alzheimer's disease etc.

Ayurveda should included in the IPOP programme implementing by
The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment :
Central Govt. implementing a Central Sector Scheme of Integrated programme for Older Persons (IPOP) since 1992 with the objective of improving the quality of life of senior citizens by providing basic amenities like shelter, food, medical care and entertainment opportunities and by encouraging productive and active ageing.

Like this there are so many Govt schemes or programmes are running without involvement of AYURVEDA system.

AYURVEDA fraternity, ASSOCIATIONS Should fight for inclusion of AYURVEDA In National Programmes then only Our job opportunites

Many are using  sarpagandha for hypertension ..and want to inject through injections during emergencies...the reason given is,/sarpagandha is an anti hypertensive etc. We can't accept herbal remedies as Ayurveda. Sarpagandha is anti hypertensive - may b or may not be..but it's not the whole and sole cure of the pathology. Hypertension could happen due to so many reasons//hetu..if we are able to trace the exact cause and shoot it, single medicine given through oral route could also turn out as an emergency drug. Same in case of pushkara moola.. The out of  bronchial asthma is shvsa...the underlying cause is no one I bothered to treat..then what is use...we feel going behind allopathy , travelling  in the same path would help us to develop our science...we must stand  in our stregth and disprove all baseless researches. Hot water is amruta in nava jwara..same is contra indicated in visha..  Single herb can have so many actions..depending on the stage we must use it..or else it could  turn in to blunder. We have our own pharmacology and we should try to understand it first.

Vd. Uday Patil:
Drugs / formulations prepared for basti, nasya etc r designed in different manner with different ingredients to act at that specific organ.

But in d list provided, there r so many drugs actually prepared for oral ingestion. So how can be they used parenterally ?

For example - We can't use BVC through basti (?) Or nasya. So how it can be used through injection !!!

I feel...we lack proper understanding of the pathology...we fail to understand the stage and status...out decision making is based on allopathic understanding.. So we fail in clinics many a times and not due to non availability of formulations. So, we must work to get clear cut understanding o
In our subject rather than focussing on new formulations. If medicines prescribed by us don't yield result , then it is to understood as it is not the idea time to administer that particular medicines. Rather than wasting crores of money on developing new formulations..we could try to build clear cut decision making strategies on various diseases. as said...prayogah shamayet vyadhim...not bheshajah, only proper applications give result.. We must stop thinking of what to prescribe even before the pathology/ samprapti and hetu are understood . once understood...what to prescribe may be easy many a times...

Payal K:
One patient of mine , age 45 yrs has severe yonidaha.....I checked her internally...yoni appearance is normal. .she has history of hysterectomy which caused hormonal imbalance...she was on Allopathic meds but now on my meds.. she says there is improvement but it gas not gone completely. I have told her to do yoniPicchu also and given her pittashamak meds ....any suggestions ?

No history of sexual trauma and is not having active sexual life too

Vinaya Ballakur:
Panchavalkal kvath yoni dhavan and pichu. Shatavari and yashtimadhu with ghrita internally along with Chandra prabha vati will help.

Vd. Uday Patil:
Payal, here history of histerectomy itself suggests that natural way of expulsion of pitta /ushna gun of rakta dhatu (Artavam Agneyam) through raja is stopped, which could be d cause of yonidah.

If u will take history before histerectomy, u will get lakshanas of pitta vrudhhi. Rather atyartav due to ushna gun of rakta may be d cause.

So I'll suggest u to do Raktamokshan (Rt. Cubital fosaa) to get upasham from Yonidah.

Other medicines lowering Ushna gun of Rakta dhatu internally along with yoniprakshalan / pichu will give complete releif.

It's very simple procedure.
What I do in my clinic is....
Just pearce cubital vein with scalp vein set no. 18 and let d blood flow. Collect d blood in a bottle so that you can measure d quantity.
Usually through 18 no. Scalp, 60 to 100 ml (max 200ml) blood flows and automatically stops of its own.
Initially it may be blackish, later on d colour may change to red.
U can stop d procedure if patient complain anything

Payal K: many sittings are needed and when is the ideal time to do it

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
Mam, you can try चन्द्रकला रस also with all of other drugs. It will give you satisfactory results.

Vd. Uday Patil:
Cubital vein is easy to get. We can also do raktavisravan from any of pedal veins. It could be rather better, but sometimes difficult to get proper amount of rakta visruti.

Just I presumed it that patient may be of Pittapradhan prakruti, and garbhashay / rajodushti is also examined at McBurney's point in Udar parikshan (Rt. Side).
So I prefer right side.

No other scientific explanation so far I have.

Jalauka also can be used at foot. But don't use jalaukas that much. So suggested only siravedh. 🙏

Discussions on 27th August 2017

Swati Totla:
4 yr boy diagnosed with CALLA B lymphoblastic leukemia

How we can help with ayurveda

Injectables are absolutely wrongly interpreted by writer of this sentences as claiming there is concept of injection in Ayurveda. It's such blunder that need to be reviewed,because the term" Suchikabharan" doesn't at all indicate" MODE OF ADMINISTRATION" of drug through needle.
It's clearly "DOSE INDICATIVE".
  How much quantity of a tip of needle can hold,is the dose.
Because, Suchkabharan ras  preparation include Cobra venom. Hense, very minute quantity of medicine is required that to be measured by sharp tip of a needle. We have to realize that, here needle used only to measure medicine, not for injecting.
We have clear ref in Sarangadhara

Dr Sridevi C:
Actually Injections in Ayurveda were in vogue when I was doing internship at Charminar. That time IMIS company used to manufacture injections. But later injections were discarded on the basis of the concept-that Ayurvedic medicines have to be subjected to jatharagni first. I remember some of my sirs using these injections

There were Inj Sarpagandha, Inj Lashuna. Etc

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
Mam is it written in any of the Shatras that Ayurvedic medicine should be subjected to jatharagni first. If yes, please provide me the reference.🙏

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
Rightly pointed out the mistake sir. The mistake we all indians make every time is anything new, we say it's in our books. We wrongly interpret or correlate new inventions or discoveries to show we knew them. It's where we make a mockery of ourselves

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
What will you say about Basti, Nasya etc formulations.

Dr Sridevi C:
No, it's not directly told. But whatever actions of the drug are told are definitely due to the action of jatharagni

Vd.Saraswathi Sharma. K:
It might not be wrong to develop Ayurvedic injections. But we should be capable of explaining their action based on our siddantas. That's where we fail

डाॅ. उत्कर्ष आर्य:
You are right that drug have to subjected to Agni first, but it's not necessary Jatharagni. It may be Bhutagni or Dhatwagni too. Like mamsagni for intramuscular injection.

There are so many kalpanas being used currently in the field of Ayurveda, those are not mentioned in Brihattrayee. Time to time various scholar have developed various kalpanas with ayurvedic medicines those were accepted by the main stream. Like Malahar kalpana.

Sir, interpretation by writer may be wrong but his logics are absolutely right that researches should be focused on new formulations. Like after Brihattrayee there are so many things added by later Acharyas.

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