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Pt age 26yrs.working as a  chenetha karmika. Mass present at that site since 6yrs.pitha,kapha ptakruthi.having amlapitha lakshanas,itching all over body,moderate body,working hours 8-10daily.

No pain in that region.e.s.r.10mm1st hour.

Better to go for a biopsy in this case.

If he having systematic symptoms like weight loss ..poor appetite... Definitely CA ..just send him for biopsy it will confirm

Sir check the mobility of the ulcer wether it's fixed to the skin or movable...

Biopsy will rule out Ca, then it can be adopted as any cyst.....etc with medication/surgery later.

Very good result sir...
Shivagulika daily early morning in empty stomach..very effective..it acts as deepana pachana and rasayana effect
And any oil before bath
After bath moish lotion..atrimed company..

In another case..biopsy is required..

[3:19pm, 4/6/2016] वैद्य उदय पाटील: Pls diagnosis & Ayu. Treatment for

A patient (of my friend's clinic)

Age 46 yrs, Female
Pittapradhan Prakruti

C/o skin disease - pitika utpatti on face
1st eruption at time of pregnancy
Also Acidity, headache
Menses - Alpartav 1 day only

Is it Neurofibromatis?

What's treatment?

Panchavalkal/yastimadhu grita application.
Talagarbha pottali with yastmadhu grita anupanam.
Gandhaka rasayana

Chandraprabha, Arogyavardhini, kanchanar guggul, mahamanjishthadi kwath used.
No result

Could not find more satisfactory result in such cases .

Tnq kamal.presently Iam using moish cream also. I purchased ur twachyam after reading I message u.👍

At uday patil: it's a case of Neurofibromatosis.difficult to cure but can be arrested further progress.It's genetic disorder.It may run in family.repeated shodhana is required.

Patil sir...
Use kanchanar guggulu 2bd with varunadhikasayam 3tsp bd

Amlaki same quantity 1/2tsp bd

Advise plenty of buttermilk

Repeated sodhana is required

Once advise usg abdomen and thyroid profile..lipid profile

Asadhya vyadhi...we tried in 3 cases...treatment was failed..but manageable with kanchanara and varunadhi combination..and with agg combination also

No diabetes hypertension,  kapha pitta prakruti.  Nadi - vata pitta vardhanam.  Angi - vishamagni..

In the case of neurofibromatosis by considering it as santarpana janya vyadhi I have treated for a period of 6 months with only agnitundi vati I find 40% improvement

Once check thyroid profile

Simple medicine
Kaishora guggulu

Ifdry skin..eladhi taila application

If oily skin eladi ghana churna with rose water or milk

Eladi soap for bathing

I request some one to give me the reference of vruddhi vadhaka vati and the pharmacy which manufacturers it .

@ Vriddhi baadhika

Abundantly available with BHAIDYANATH ayurveda pharma

Dear all CAVians
Happy Ugadi a new year according to vikram ska it is 2073ed new year and we are entering in to Vasanta ritu a season change and first nine days of this ritu is called Vasanta navaratris very auspicious days on this auspicious new year day we too are entering to new app Telegram from today onwards our jnanayajnam

starts and let us hope our jnanayajnam will be in a disciplined and systematic manner
Charaiveeti. Charaiveetith

Leeches of size approx.  5 to 9cm can be considered for skin disorders . these usually draw around 15ml in one sitting. For dusta vrana etc.  Slightly bigger leach may be preferred

Good already started the discussion congrats. Dr Saraswathi
As today is Ugadi and Vasantharitu starts and it is only occasion we taste all shat rasps particularly we never taste tikta rasa on any occasion that to Nimba kusuma so I think for today's let us have a discussion on significance of all shadrasas with special of tikta that too Nimba kusuma and Vasanta ritu and ritu chary and common problems of Vasanta ritu and management

Comes under adhana kaala
which is kashaya rasa pradhana
kapha dosha in prokopa avastha
so gud for vamana
Ahara like yava, godhuma,mamsa advised
Avoid guru, sheetha, snigda, madhura ahara
In order to pacify agrivated kapha one should do vyayama, udwarthana, snana regularly
Last but not least one should avoid divaswapna strictly.

34years female...


C/o irregular periods
Hair fall

Agni mala mootra...good

Now she using allopathy medication for diabetes..

Please advise ur valuable opinion...

Kishore Mahindraker:
If Angi is good , see symptoms kaphadhikya of pittadhikya....
Accordingly plan for Tikshna vamana , virechana respectively.

Snehapana- Sarshapa taila
Vamana with Madanaphala  Virechana- Abhayadi modak 750mg.

Followed by
Tapyadi loha
Kuberaksha vati

Yes Asava Arista can be used in both till the correction of
Once agni is corrected switch to other forms of Medications.

Asava Arista & Ghrita kalpas are best Agnideepaka

Dr.Jyothi Verma:
Good evening to all
A female patient age 35 third gravida
H/O  one abortion last year
Now 6 weeks pregnancy
Slightly hypertensive
No vomiting but nausea sometimes
Plz suggest medicines as per trimester
Are the medicine available in market as per month. If yes then plz tell the company.

Dr.pradp Noori:
What are the symptoms
What is the age?sex? Duration ? And minimal data of the pt ?

Jwara discussion was from classic to experiences of tough once
Nabhi nature's  dhwara multiple aspects  like jwara, mutrakrichra, Atisara  and other conditions .
Sanjeevini vati
Sudarshan ghan vati
Ayus 64
Mrutunjaya ras
Laghumalini vasant
Haridra in astrology
Papaya juice in jwara
Handling chikunguniya and experence and successful cases.
Idiopathic viral fever case discussion
And some more in AAA 3.
Missing vd vinaya mam

Kaphaja jwara by vd koti
Jayamangalaras experence
Putapakva Vishama jwarantak loh.
Vaishnavi ras (sss)

Nuxvomika in chikunguniya arthralgia

Langhana importance in jwara .
Classification in treatment

Rishi Vashishth:
how to approach a case of wheat allergy? a male patient aged 45yrs complaining of itching, swelling all over the body after consumption of wheat since 1yr. how to approach such a case and manage it?

Dr.pradp Noori:
Allergy is kapha pitta

Nidana parivarjana..

Bilwadi gulika
Patola katurohinyadhi kashayam.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Raktapitta treatment will help and shodhana is a must

Kompelli Vasudha:
It seems to be gluten intolerance ,for that we can give  kudharam kashyam 10 ml mixed with 40 ml of water once in  a day before food, pippaliasava 15 ml , after food and histantin tablet twice aday

Rishi Vashishth:
Ma'am....kudharam? never heard of it....ingredients and reference please...which pharma makes it? histantin also?

Kerala Ayurveda..histantin

Kompelli Vasudha:
It's kotakkal arya vaidya shala medicine

Swati Totla:
Where can we get pure vanshalochan?

Dr.pradp Noori:
How to analyse  myasthenia Gravis disease in ayurveda?
Kapha (medho) avruta janya vata or mamsa dhatu kashay janya vata?
Please put some light on this .
Thank you

Vaata plays predominant role... aggravated vata...
Mamsa kshaya...

Usually treatment also..
Taila prayoga
mamsa ksheera prayoga..

According to me no avarana..

No avarana...may be because of sanga..

Modern correlation..

Neuro muscular disorder...vaata plays predominant role

Weakness in the muscles..mamsa dathu kshaya

Neuromuscular transmission...sanga..


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