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Vijaya Rani:
Good morning Dr s
30 yrs fe pt c/o of weight gain since one year and acne
H/o pcod since one year

FROM that onwards increase weight and develop acne and  unwanted hair
Resently scan showed cholilithiasis and pcod

Plz guide drs for both problem s
Pt waight is 70kgs height is 5'2
Ptta khapha
Periods regular
No h/ o DM, HT N, Thyroid
App normal
Bowel,mic : normal
Mood swings  and distrub sleep

Plz suggest me drz

Kishore Mahindraker:
1.Varunadi Kashaya 15ml bd with 45ml water
2.Arogya vardini Vati 500mg bd
3.Rasa Pachaka(indrayava, Patila, Katuki) churna 3gm bd.

Initially observe weight for 45 days with abv and than change treatment accordingly

Varunadhi kashayam

Hyponidd...it is very effective medication in pcod with obesity..

Amycordial syrup..it is useful in irregular periods

Varunadhi kashayam...very useful in granthi arbuda...in obesity and piitasmari also very helpful

Punarnavasavam...very effective in billiary calculi..and rakta vikara..

Dosa..kapha pradhana tridosa
Dusya..Rasa rakta mamsa medha

Dr.Rubina Begum:
Good evening
A case of 35yrs female
C/o itching all over the body since 4 years
Itching sometimes severe sometimes mild associated with swelling allover body and rashes
No burning sensation
Hairfall present
IgE 540 KU/L (1 year ago)
She is on allopathic medicine, if she miss the tablet she suffers from SOB
Vaidyas please help me how to manage this

First check thyroid profile aec hb rbs

Clear case of urticaria...but before diagnosing root cause is most important..

Start haridrakhanda

Kashaiah Vasam:
1.Tab.Atarax 10/ 20 mg bid or
2.Tab.Allegra 120mg bid or
3.Tab.montair  LC 1tab bed time +
4.Caladryl lotion L/A or
5.Calapure lotion L/A

Dr.Rubina Begum:
Tab Dazit M
(desloratidine 5mg+ montelukast 10mg)
Daily one tab , sir..

Prasad Babu Koka:
Respected all doctors plz suggest me,                                    a patient suffering from excess sweating (swedha) since 4yrs. All his health report  is normal except serum bilirubin(2mg/DL) since 2yrs.. There is no any other symptoms.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:
Laghu sootisekara ras.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Krimi kuthar ras
Sariba or Chandana choorna
Soothasakharras ras .
Or as said laghusoothsekhar 500 mg three times before  and after food

For 7 days then
Medhoharvidangadi loh
And a yakrit or as nadi kashayam
For long periods

Payal K:
Get her lft also done..
Give her arogyavardhini, kaishor guggulu, sariva, manjishtha, vidanga, musta, yashtimadhu, laghusootshekhar & triphala...if needed...any of these can be removed or added as per need



34years female...


C/o irregular periods
Hair fall

Agni mala mootra...good

Now she using allopathy medication for diabetes..

Please advise ur valuable opinion...

Guggulu thikthaka ghrithamu 1st day 50ml,second day 75ml  ,third day 100ml as per her condition.

This is my first panchakarma procedure. After vamanakarma samsarjana krama fallowed.her itching completely stopped till now.today Is 15th day. I treated her before panchakarma arogyavardhinivati 2bd.gandhaka rasayanam 1td,sarivadyarista 20ml td after food.swadhistana virechana choornamu 5gms at bed time.

External application lippu oil.

External surface just look like cauliflower.... Edges of the ulcer is everted...may be squamous cell carcinoma... If possible send more images n history plz..


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