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in sushrutha thouh he has mentioned कारवेल्ल स्वरस as one of the best विरेचक, he has not mentioned its mode of application,but he has mentioned the application of all other virechakas. and in su.su.ch 46 while explaining the gunadharma of the same he tells it is kshara and pittala. usage of kshara for long duration is contraindicated.

Kishore Mahindraker:
Thanks for Share Madam

Su.Su 44 explains parts of plant and best virechana davya with respective parts.
(Virechana one time Yoga)

Su.Su.46 Explains as vegetable
Uasage if used daily and its consequence ....

Pakwa and Apakwa identification of Karavella fruit

Look what I found: Momordica charantia - Wikipedia | https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Momordica_charantia

Subhodayam all members .
There was a suggestion from few members that we have to arrange a Maga cme yearly once or twice . For this there will be voting a 20% of the total members is minimal concidered .
It will be in sep or  Oct or Nov months .a full day interaction a family party. Happy one .
If you are intrested say "yes I am"

Good morning dear vaidyas,
I am glad to see the response to Madam shalini Rajneesh write up on the utility of onion and jaggery in dengue.
It's time dear friends to react collectively in a big way and show the world that there is someone raising voice in support of ayurveda. Not only in the case of madam Shalini rajaneesh but when any such ayurveda related issue raises ,We must respond through electronic,print,radio medias as well on FB,WHATSAPP,TWITTER etc medias.
There should be a collective opinion and statements should not be contradicting. This is possible with inhouse discussion among expert team.

Regarding the usage of onion and jaggery in dengue ,
Palandu (Allium cepa)

Palandu means -that which protects from diseases.
Rasa. Madhura,katu.
Vipaka. Madhura.
Veerya. Ushna.
Balya,vrushya, deepaka,vatanulomaka.

Ref. Of Palandu in Charaka. Samhita.

1. घ्राणात् प्रवृत्तरुधिरं सपित्तं

पलांडु मूलं नस्यम्   च। चि। ४
Palandu swarasa as nasya in nasagata raktapitta.

2.केवलोअधवाजयति रक्तमतिवर्तमानं

वातं च पलांडु रुपयुक्तं  च। चि। १४

Boiled Palandu tuber eaten with sugar in arshas which arrests bleeding.
Jaggery is added to reduce teekshnata of Palandu.
Certainly this combo can be used in haemorrhagic fevers like dengue for it can prevent bleeding.

about onion-
procedure -
Raw onion only in very hot climate; if rain is absent, else raw onion with jaggery can cause pneumonia,
Raw onion is used in austria to prevent communicative diseases spreading to others, as onon cut and kept in bowl near patient attarcts bacteria / virus from patient preventing  spreading to  other members. —- certified (lab tested).
So eating raw onion kept in open place can cause throat infections.

But cooked, roasted will cure many diseases which not created by mantal tension but aggravates due to tension.
Also rasam of onion after fever inducess micturation and cleneces body, preventing relapse.   —- certiied.

Good evening CAV
Please suggest me medicine in case of severe itching on urticaria...i have given the following
Brhat haridra Khand granules
Maha tiktaka kashayam tab
Aragwadadi kashayam tab
Laghusoota Sekhar ras
Eladi taila and marichadi taila ext use...beyond this is their any medicine to get relief from severe itching

Vinaya Ballakur:
Give krimishodhini gulika  avipathikara churna initially.
Then you may give Haridra khand and manjishthadi kwatha.
Externally tankan with coconut oil.

Kotakkal brand may be chosen.
Enquire about possible nidana and advice nidana parivarjana. Specially ask about medicine intake.

You may also give punarnavadi kashayam or coconut water to increase urine output to relieve the body of toxins

In chronic cases, plan with krimi chikitsa, visha chikitsa and then only sheetapithahar

Vinaya Mam...
Case of stana kshaya...can you please enlighten me🙏🙏
Pt 28 /F of vata prakriti appetite and bowels are regular
I have given brimhana treatment
Chitrakadi vati
Ajamamsa rasayan
Satavari plus
Jeevaniya vati
Maha masha taila ext use
Advised mamsa and brimhana foods

Vinaya Ballakur:
how about her periods? Is it kshaya since a few days or months or is it underdevelopment? Ask about her food habits, like skipping meals etc. Is she skinny overall?

Kishore Mahindraker:
Madam advice Raktamokshana/blood donation if patient is fit...
Patient may not get any itching atleast for month.
( I had two patients of similar kind in whom i got satisfactory results )

Note:Kandu is one of the Raktadushti roga as per Charaka.(Ref.Cha.Su.24)

Payal K:
Can anyone suggest any oil / formulation to remove excess facial hair in female

Kishore Mahindraker:
I have used
1.Lomashathana Lepa by Prakruti remidies Pvt.ltd  (its bit corrosive but good, patient missed after two visits) - Dnt apply directly on upper lip first try with chin -follow up for 15-30days than go for upper lip .

2.Lomashatana Taila by Vaidyaratnam (base Sarshapa taila) there was reoccurance of hairs on upperlip upon withdrwal.

U may try any one of abv but preferably on chin first than go for upper lip application after follow up.

If everything is normal only for development sake you can advice samvardhana gritha of MAA(Malabar ayurvedaashrama) and mahamasha Taila samisha or

Mm Taila with amrutha prasha gritha yamaka for external applications

Dr.suresh Jakotia:
Kseera Bala tail Nasya

Apply Subra bhasma mix with it.

Kishore Mahindraker:
Okay Sir , Thanks for Advice...
I ll try with it..

Is Subhra Bhasma Spatika Sir ??


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