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Vinaya Ballakur:
बल भ्रंश - loss of strength

Vata is ruksha and dehydrating. It does not enrich  rasa the first dhatu which is akin to kapha ( Vagbhatta clearly mentions it in a succeeding shloka on dhatus). So an increase will lead to weakness.
The balya mahakashaya drugs( from Charaka) either singly or in combination help overcome bala bhramsha

निद्रा - भ्रंश  - loss of sleep

Vata has chala guna. Its increase can lead to reduction of sthira guna which is the composure required for sleep.
Reducing activity (chalana of body , mind and senses) at least a few hours before bedtime will help. The nidrajanakas like tagara are vatashamak too

इंद्रिय भ्रंश - loss of sensory and motor strength.

Vata vardhana is associated with reduced nourishment of the indriya adhishthanas.
So impairment in sense perceptions and numbness of parts can be expected.
Vatashamak and indriya balakara dravyas such as, brahmi, should be selected

प्रलाप - irrelevant speech

Vata has chanchala guna. Its increase can therefore lead to irrelevant and unnecessary speech. In high fevers too, delirium is observed sometimes due to excessive vata. The chala and chanchala guna need to be curbed in such conditions.
Mukta pishti , saraswata ghrita help in such cases.

भ्रम - delusion , confusion.

While prakrita vata is responsible for utsaha, its increase can cloud mind and cause bhrama.
Vatashamak and manovaha srotas shodhakar like vacha  will be of use in such conditions.

दीनता - timidity, inferiority

It is also a psychological manifestation of increased vata. Manasika balyakaras have to be given. Eg. Manas mitra vatak.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Urine regulates kleda . It is a ama vriddhi or kapha vriddhi condition if it is not associated with pitta ie infection or burning sensation
2. Take the quantity of the urine per micturition .if it is more then ama kleda meha or kapha has increased  then pure kapha vriddhi condition .
If quantity is low then it is kapha vata .
If associated with burning associated with pitta .

Here it is only kapha may be in a chaya state punarnava mandoor  ( it doesent look logical but works )and chandraprabha vati with jeera kashaya should help .

In many systemic conditions also there is ati mootra condition eg Poorva ropana of prameha / kaphaja jwara ect..
See the condition and treat it .
" Uncomplicated ayurveda "

Geetha Rani:
Some times Samana vata vikruti associated with constipation also causes atimutrata

Vijaya Rani:
Fe pt age 60
It's appear only on hands , itching sensation
H/o DM 14 years , HTN 10 years
Pitta kapha prakriti
O/E tongue coated
No constipation

Nidana:  sleep on new leather sofa

Plz guide me  Drs
Diagnos and treat ment

It can be taken as vicharchika.. contact dermatitis..

Pt weight??

Manjistadhi kashayam

External eladi oil
Any medicated soap

Koti Nagarjuna Vejendla:
Mam we will get 5 types of pottali kalpas from dhootapapeswar company they will send to doctors directly hema garbha. abhra garbha. Rasa garbha . Tamra garbha. Tridhatu garbha and rajita garbha pottalis are available another company Krishna gopal Ayurveda Bhavan we will get hema garbha pottali. VD gopi Krishna ji is preparing 17 variety's of pottali kalpas mentioned in rasa yoga sagara sir exclusively practicing pottali kalpas

Vd. Uday Patil:
As Driving is pt's occupation, it must be considered as a cause of Apan dushti.

It's d only clue provided. (But i think there must be some other symptoms which needs thorough evaluation.)

Urination is apan karma. So to reduce frequency, apan vayu chikitsa like local application of oils in Apan kshetra & orally apan anulomak ghrut paan may also help along with other medicines as said above by all respeced vaidyas.

Vinaya Ballakur:
Discussion on pitta , A.H.Sutra. 11. 6

पीत विण् मूत्र नेत्रत्व - yellowish discoloration of faeces, urine, eyes and skin

Pitta especially ranjaka pitta increase leads to yellowish discoloration. Evident in kamala which is a pitta disease. Virechana and correction of ranjaka pitta dushti in its svasthana ie  yakrit through kutaki, bhringaraja, kumari is useful

क्षुत् , तृट् -  excess of hunger and thirst

Since Agni manifests as pitta in shareera, its increase leads to excessive and speedy pachana , so excess hunger and thirst can result. Normal kshudha and trut  are natural diseases the discomfort due to these to the body is relieved on eating and drinking water.
When patient complains of excess of hunger and thirst, pachaka pitta should be corrected with sneha dravyas.

दाह - burning sensation

Any burning sensation in any part of the body indicates pitta vriddhi. Pitta shamakas that are daha shamakas too like chandan ( burning in skin, urine), shatavari , amalaki( burning in stomach),
Rose water, elaneer kuzhampu( burning in eyes) , praval panchamrit ( burning on palms and feet) etc . can be suitably used

अल्प निद्रता - less sleep

Pitta increase leads to light sleeping. It must be distinguished from complete lack of sleep or disturbed sleep which is due to vata.
The less sleep in increased pitta is related to amlapitta. So stomach soothing medicines help in better sleep. Mukta, pravala, narikel lavan etc. need to be considered here.

Dr Murali R:
Dear vaidyas
Is there any reference for onion and then  jaggery to treat jvara.
Pl comment

Vinaya Ballakur:
There was a news item on FB post ....how onion and jaggery can increase platelet count in Dengue.


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