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Success story
20yrs female pt wt39kgs.c/o severe white thick discharge since 3yrs , severe back pain with regular m.c and stomach ache during periods.tiredness. becaz of that always sleeping at home.not going to college properly. 3months she took treatment now no white discharge, no tiredness, no back pain. Used dhanwantaram kashayam,gandharwahasta kashayam,lodhrasavam,pushyanuga choorna, kuberaksha vati 1tab per day.Regular to college .to day pt mother saying thanks to me .

Dr.Rekha Hegde:
Regarding  Pittashmari , guruji Venugopal rao posted long before  one Ekamulika prayoga- Kokilaksha kshara. Good results as it does ksharana but pitta rakta shamaka. Ghrita kalpana of specific dravya which acts on pittashaya .liver also beneficial I think

As Vd Rajyalakshmi, and Vd vinaya has said that should be followed in general. What I do in my practice is ask the parents or elders in their house what they will do as a custom in their family, if there is any viruddahara or virudda kriya then advise not to do that in present situation. I will first advice what not to do i. e., head bath during first three days of Mc, over exhaustion, stale, refrigerated food, untimely food, over eating, traveling, strenuous work etc., advise, fresh food which are mootralas as well as anulomana food what ever available in that season. Advise Suji preparations like ksheera etc., preparations from plantain rinf

Plantain plant rind (baale dindu in kannada) on fourth day and fifth day give haridra kalka in empty stomach so that excess bleeding can be avoided. If low back or abdominal pain is there then jeera and pepper (2gms of jeera and one or two pepper seeds fried, powdered and make kashaya decant it and add ghee to it and drink, from fifth day till next Mc abyanga with til oil or if they are very lean then shatavari Taila. Either ashokarista, lodra kashaya or lodrasava depending on her prakruthi so that vaata pitta anulomana will be proper. If she has any other complaints treat accordingly so that chances of cure are more during that time.

Dr.pradp Noori:
Next Wednesday AAA 
2nd .
Astanga hridayam Sutrasthana 11 chapter continued. Please participate in the discussion.

Dr.nageswr Gokul:

Please share treatment for hairline fracture of coccyx bone

Dr.pradp Noori:
Hadjod  1gm
Vatagajankush ras 750 mg
Lakshadi guggulu 1500mg
Divided in three doses after food with milk or tilapisti. Ext
Muruvenna and chandanbalalakshadi tailam for external application

Murivenna dhara or Pichu..
Balaswagandha taila matra basthi

Lakshadhi guggulu

.s.s Sir:
Rost Wheat, than grind, & make powder. Add Ghee &  Sharkara,  make Halwa,  and give in morning.
lakshadi Guggulu  3-3 tab tid.


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