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Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
Neem in your knickers


We know that we are surrounded by different kinds of microorganisms and also within our body. In Kerala in monsoon season, no matter how much hygiene measures are adopted in monsoon season, there are so many mosquitoes and flies , rats and other rodents who prefer to stay close to us .But all of us do not stay sick all the time by infections. Also when some people are in a home by infection, in the same home, there can be people who are devoid of infections. Some recover very fast while some others get worse and some even get shifted to ICU . Why it happens ??

There are two factors responsible for onset of infections :
1. Microbial factor - Every one is exposed to microbes every time.
2. Host factors- Host factors include general and specific components to fight against microbes. The main general mechanisms are ;
a. The strength of immune system - two types of immune functions happen,a: Vyadhibala virodhitwa: the immunity which fights after the disease manifests,b:Vyadhyutpadaka prathibandhakatwa: the immunity which prevent the infections .The former kind gets activated as soon a microbe invades and starts defence mechanisms then and there itself till the pathogen is completely destroyed/ inactivated . The second immune function helps not only to prevent an infection , but also to prevent attaining the strength of the infection

b. The digestion and metabolism of host : when a microbe attacks the body, the microbial toxins cause impaired assimilation of nutrients in the body making the patient weak, feeling heavy, impaired hunger, constipated( impaired peristalsis), lethargic, inflammatory reactions all over causing body pain etc. So it denotes that both digestion as wella s cellular metabolism in the host is seriously impaired . the rectification of these mechanisms by improving metabolism and neutralisation of toxins immediately rectify the deranged metabolism and digestion and thereby all the inflammatory mechanisms resulted by infection .

c. Drainage mechanisms - The internal drainage ( from within cells to outside) of metabolic waste and microbial toxins is impaired and so accumulation of this in cells happen .When internal drainage is impaired, taking laxatives will never help . Because improperly metabolised waste and toxins is within the cells and not in the colon. During that time, when laxatives are taken , it will worsen the metabolism and internal drainage mechanisms .
d. The mucous barrier - healthy and intact skin and mucous membrane prevents the entry of external microbes or inactivates them as soon as they enter .

(In Dengue fever, some cases lead to DHF because of sustained inflammation by above mechanisms resulting in increased capillary permeability . Ayurvedic treatment guidelines specific to inflammation will prevent as well as check bleeding as the root cause is attended. There are specific guidelines focussed on host factors to be judiciously adopted in all infective fevers which explained very systematically in accordance to nature of intrinsic cause , state and stage in Ayurvedic fever diagnosis and management .)

Ayurveda treats infection by specialised and specific focus guidelines with respect to the above four hostfactors and not by the very reductionist killing vector /microbe policy. Ayurveda is a shastra which has acquired tremendous development in its inbuil;t scientific infrastructure( by intense basic and applied research explained in shastra) from the pre-vedic belief that krimies , bhootas etc cause infections .

So Ayurveda can prevent, detect and cure any sort of infections rampant today in an unimaginably healthier and faster manner. Soon after the patient recover, the patient will forget that he was sick in the past two days owing to attainment of energy, enthusiasm and improved metabolism.

                                           ---SBEBA WISDOM SERIES

#Dr Remyakrishnan HOD DG Govt Ayu Col Mahe . Kerala.

Swati Totla:
Pt age 17/f,having cold sensitivity, symptoms_whenever she holds cold water bottle finger tips became red, burning, itching and sensation less. After 15 - 20 mins normal, after eating ice cream lips get swollen, same with ice pack.

Since 1 yr she is suffering with these symptoms, parents are thinking it's bcz of 12 th std pressure. A/C also not suitable for her, h/o sinusitis

Pls suggest treatment plan

Pt weight??

In my practice..I experienced with one formula for dis type of syptoms

Haridhrakhanda 100gm
Laghusoota mishran 40gm
Seethophaladhi churnam 20gm
BD dose

Swati Totla:
Pt Agni visham, wt according to height appropriate (48),mala सम्यक् but I doubt

Before treatment check once AEC...

After 30 days treatment check again

💯 percent AEC will change...

Because of haridhrakhanda..
I was done small pilot study with above formulation..

Very good ayurvedic anti histamine..👍👍

Haridhrakhanda lsm seethophaladhi combination acts like montelukast with levocetrizine combination without any drowsiness...👍👍


Swati Totla:

Bindu Vedantam Bindu Vedantam:
Absolute esonophil count



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