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Dr Ravi Kumar Sivva:
शास्त्रं ज्योतिः प्रकाशार्थं दर्शनं बुद्धिरात्मनः।
ताभ्यां भिषक् सुयुक्ताभ्यां चिकित्सान्नापराध्यति॥ (चरक)
Happy Doctors Day😊💐

Dr.Rubina Begum:
Happy doctors day to all..
A case of 25yrs male , salesman by occupation
c /o weight loss  since few months , reduced cheeks .
Wt 55 kgs
Loss of appetite
Headache towards frontal side and neck pain , pain radiates to both upper limbs .
Smokes 2 cigarettes per day
No other symptoms
He is more concerned about cheeks
How to treat this case ?
Any investigations necessary ?
Vaidyas please guide me

Symptoms looks like rajayakshma...

Dasamoola haretaki is very effective
Seethophaladhi churnam
Nayopayam kasayam

Avoid smoking
Fry items
Cold items

Advise Mutton kheema

Dr Kaveti Rajyalakshmi:
Better to rule out Tuberculosis.

Rishi Vashishth:
Weight loss should never be taken lightly, cause could range from stress or helminthiasis to TB or Cancer even, search for nidana first. Could be due to uttarayana also.

Madam once check

Complete blood picture
Diabetic profile
Chest x-ray

Purnendu Mehta:
Sir punch biopsy is normal patient is much better as  Dr.surendra suggested.
Thankyou so much Dr.surendra sharmaji

Deepali Kakde:
Thank block me uttarbasti  kshar tail aur kasisadi tai ki kar sakate hai kay

Tubal block

Vinaya Ballakur:
Want to post a feedback received now. 30 year old patient underwent severe stress and amenorrhea ( complete absence of periods for 8 months) ,facial hair due to it .Periods are regular(28 day cycle) after use of kuberaksha vati from Rasa shala for three months. Some relief also obtained in unwanted hair.
Thanks to team Rasashala and Sharmaji for preparing excellent medicines.

Along with kuberaksha vati also used Sukumara kashayam and kullathadi kashayam.

Dosage of the vati was just one pill a day and the kashayas  10 ml each twice daily. Stress levels due to grief ( death of husband) was handled by the patient with regular walks, meditation and prayers.
This feedback boosted my own morale Vd. Sunita . 😊


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